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Improve data-driven processes, reduce costs

DXC Enterprise Data & AI Platforms

Deploy the right data infrastructure to enable your business strategy

With DXC Enterprise Data & AI Platforms services and accelerators you can benchmark, prioritize, select and deploy the right data infrastructure to leverage data as an asset and differentiator. Architect the cloud environment that best suits your business, accelerate your migrations and leverage the right hardware and software solutions to become a leader in your industry. In the age of accelerating AI-powered businesses, you can trust DXC to help you establish the right data foundations for your team to design, engineer, deploy and scale AI- and Generative AI-powered solutions with safety and speed.

What's included


Align your technical and business leaders by conducting workshops, benchmarking performance and creating roadmaps, architecture and process design.

Platform development

Deploy the data infrastructure and cloud services, and implement tailored technology with integrated tools for better business processes.


Ensure maintenance, optimization and incident management for existing platforms.


Eliminate technical debt, modernize platforms and leverage outcome-driven analytics.


Too often, monitoring IT and application infrastructure does not provide observability and real-time insights into business key performance indicators (KPIs) and the performance of data-driven processes. Autonomous Business Operations (ABO) is an approach for business process performance monitoring and observability, provided as a service to ensure end-to-end availability of business services (see Figure 1).


Autonomous Business Operations

Figure 1. Overview of DXC's Autonomous Business Operations (ABO) approach

The result is a custom platform — derived from your existing tooling environment — that provides a standardized monitoring tool chain for achieving an auto-healing business and IT landscape, and enabling AI led-predictive operations. 

Through a combination of dashboards, monitoring, incident creation and triage processes, DXC provides a consolidated view of business processes and related KPIs so that you see the direct impact of decisions on business performance. Our ABO approach leverages your existing investments in IT, applications and data to generate alerts, predictions and real-time insights into business process performance, increasing efficiency, quality control, and visibility into application integration with your employees' everyday work.


However you architect your infrastructure across cloud and private networks, our broad partner ecosystem means you can optimize and accelerate the modernization of your data platforms, and the business processes they power. Our partnerships, accelerators and solutions span global hyperscalers and specialized solution and industry providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, IBM, Microsoft AzureSAP, ServiceNow, Databricks, Equinix, iBase-t and Snowflake.

DXC’s Automated Data Migration Framework is a set of DXC-developed pipelines and applications that migrate the database schema, data, security roles, users and user/role mapping from a source database to a target database, performing conversions (where appropriate) and logging exceptions, where conversions are not possible. Figure 1 illustrates the migration scenarios available.


Data Migration Scenarios diagram

Figure 1. Migration scenarios: One framework for multiple technologies

The DXC Data Ingestion Framework (DIF) is a set of data services, accelerators and advisory modules that help you manage and control data flows to achieve more stable, adaptive, modular, cost-efficient and flawless data ingestion with faster implementation times for new data pipelines (see Figure 1). It is metadata-driven and fully configurable, managing data integration (ETL, ELT) and data processing (security, governance and DataOps advisory). It emphasizes license-free accelerators (no vendor dependency), speed of delivery and agility for business changes, leading to higher operational efficiency and flexibility and effective performance, improved DevOps and CI/CD practices, and true data governance and data quality assurance.


Data Ingestion Framework diagram

Figure 1. DXC Data Ingestion Framework (DIF)


5x reduction
in annual operating expenses from platform modernization
30% cost reduction
while deploying self-serve business intelligence (BI) to 1,000+ users
10x faster time to deploy
with design patterns and solution accelerators

Who can benefit

Consider DXC Enterprise Data & AI Platforms for your business if:

  • You don't have a view into the impact on your business processes and service quality during network outages or when IT issues arise.
  • You're unable to use automation across the landscape of your business and IT integrations, which forces you to perform too much manual maintenance.
  • Your ability to act quickly to fix performance, adopt innovation or pursue opportunities is limited because of the high costs and manual processes associated with your analytics platforms.
  • You want to enhance the employee experience by delivering next-generation support models.


Leading businesses choose DXC for our global partner ecosystem, industry-specific engineering expertise and relentless focus on delivering value fast. Here's what you can expect when you work with us:

Access to experts any time

DXC has global, cross-functional teams of delivery capability experts dedicated to supporting analytics platforms.

Leading market know-how

DXC has led successful projects in leading global businesses, resulting in measurable impact on business process performance and system efficiency. Explore our customer stories.

The fastest route to sustainable value

DXC’s accelerators and reusable assets are engineered for the most complex data and IT environments.

❝ DXC is showing up in a new and modern way and being really proactive in helping us solve the challenges that we face. It's not an overstatement to say that we wouldn't be flying without DXC. We have plans for many more years together. ❞


Maya Leibman
Former CIO, American Airlines


DXC delivers Enterprise Data & AI Platforms services alongside leading partners.

Accelerate modernization and migration, manage costs and leverage advanced solutions from Generative AI to IoT platforms.
Ensure reliability for mission-critical systems, migrate and secure data more efficiently and deploy cutting-edge applications.
Unlock the power of big data for your business strategy and leverage the watsonx platform.
Modernize data and applications to leverage advanced Generative AI, IoT and platform-powered solutions for real business value.
Simplify, modernize and drive innovation across enterprise applications to unlock the power of your data.
Leverage data engineering, advanced analytics and AI with managed Databricks environments, subscription services and operational enhancements.
Accelerate the modernization of manufacturing execution systems, seamlessly deploy Solumina, enhance employee experience and improve profit margins.
Deploy production-grade AI applications, and accelerate data science pipelines.
Better manage your Snowflake environments — and the data powering your deployments — to see business impact faster.
American Airlines reaches cruising altitude

DXC helped one of the world's largest airlines modernize by moving from old mainframes onto a new infrastructure.

Commonly asked questions about Enterprise Data & AI Platforms

We can do both. Our guiding principle is to help you reduce complexity and accelerate the realization of business value from your data and AI platforms. For many of our customers, this means working with existing platforms to modernize processes, deploy new products or services, connect to open data ecosystems and establish a future-proof foundation for thriving in the AI-driven world. We work with all the major cloud providers, hybrid cloud architectures and advanced data cloud services such as Snowflake and Databricks to move you along your modernization and growth journey. DXC has advisory and consulting practices, combined with vendor-approved architectures, blueprints and migration accelerators to help you rapidly test and scale new use cases, or build new data and analytics platforms.

DXC is trusted for working in mission-critical IT systems and the most complex industry-specific data environments. We have the global skills, tools and experience to work in everything from highly regulated financial services platforms, to manufacturing execution systems and custom platforms managing high-volume data from fleets and IoT systems. The combination of our change and transformation experts along with our technical expertise means that we consistently unlock new value in areas such as supply chain, R&D, manufacturing and operations, especially when they involve global engineering teams.

Learn about our work in Automotive R&D: DXC optimizes automated driving data collection with Mobile Ingest Box

Yes! DXC is at the leading edge of enterprise adoption of Generative AI. From Copilot for MS365 and OpenAI integration services on Azure, to Amazon Bedrock and other foundation models, we ensure our customers are taking the right path to achieve their intended business outcomes. Additionally, we have decades of experience providing data management and information governance services for large global businesses, so we are the trusted partner for ensuring the right enterprise data can be managed, structured and secured while testing and deploying generative AI solutions.

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Learn about DXC's Global AI Practice

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Yes! DXC’s Autonomous Business Operations (ABO) approach leverages your existing investments in IT infrastructure and platforms to establish a window into your business KPIs. This means that in addition to IT and application monitoring, executives can see business process metrics all in one place, set up alerts and use automation to prevent or identify and act on business performance challenges.