Business process services: Property and casualty

Increase speed to market with new products, simplify operations and reduce cost with our business process as a service for property and casualty insurance.


As with most choices an insurance company makes, the goal of using business process as a service (BPaaS) is to enable you to be more competitive and profitable in your target markets. The key is finding a partner that can take day-to-day operational activities off the table for your incumbent staff, allowing them to be provisioned more effectively.

Our property and casualty services are designed to empower customer acquisition, retention and engagement; enhance speed to market; and enable tailored underwriting, third-party collaboration and regulatory compliance — all while reducing operational expense.

Industry-leading business process framework

DXC leverages its insurance operations knowledge and proven business process framework, as well as digital technology expertise and worldwide sourcing capabilities, to help you meet your business goals. From the network of prepackaged solutions, to robot factories, to competency centers provided by an ecosystem of partners and collaborators, DXC can help you ignite the synapses that deliver the solutions and outcomes you need.

The ability to acquire a new operational capability in a low-cost, frictionless fashion can be an attractive way to start a new business, reach a new market or provide a new service.

messages handled in the London Market in 2020
IT service level agreement compliance against a target of 97.48% in the London Market
paid to flood insurance policyholders over the past 30 years

Services across lines of business and markets

For more than 40 years, property and casualty companies have relied on DXC to lift them out of the back office with continuously available, efficient and secure insurance process and IT outsourcing solutions. For U.S.-based insurers, we processed more than $5.5 billion in premium for virtually all personal and commercial lines of business. Our people in the United Kingdom and India handled more than £83.3B in inward/outward premium/claim/treaty balance accounting transactions for the London Market in 2020.

We also provide flood insurance services that help speed claims resolutions and comply with the U.S. National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). In Australia, we are specialists in workers’ compensation policy and claims management, handling more than 7,000 new claims each year and processing over 15,000 transactions each week.  

Whether starting a new company, entering a new market or distribution channel, launching a new product or seeking resource efficiencies, DXC has the experience to support your company’s growth initiatives and help you achieve new levels of efficiency.

DXC is a leader in business process services with more than a million property and casualty policies under management. We leverage our insurance software portfolio, the Duck Creek platform, operations knowledge, business process expertise and worldwide sourcing capabilities to deliver cost-effective, high-quality business process and IT support for virtually any property and casualty product, covering most functions spanning the customer journey.

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“Legacy-free technology is fundamental to Mosaic’s model, and our collaboration with DXC represents the first insurtech operating platform of its kind. We believe it gives us a tremendous advantage.”

Mitch Blaser
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Mosaic Insurance

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Partners and key collaborators


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Duck Creek

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