Founded in 1975 as a small family business selling ice cream in the streets of Manila, Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) has grown from a single brand into a global restaurant group with 6,500 stores and 18,000 employees in 34 countries. The company’s principal business is the development, operation and franchising of quick service restaurants (QSRs) and includes 18 well-loved brands including Jollibee, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts’ and Panda Express.   

Since 2017, DXC Technology has played a pivotal role in implementing essential IT services for JFC, providing a convenient one-stop-shop experience to its employees. Initially building its essential IT foundations, moving the legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to the public cloud and improving operational agility, DXC has collaborated on stabilizing IT operations and supporting business growth, both locally and globally.

By significantly reducing performance-related incidents and system downtime that can hinder operations, DXC has helped enhance effective governance of JFC’s business processes across markets. These first crucial steps toward JFC’s overall transformation have continued with Joseph C. Tanbuntiong, chief business officer, Jollibee Foods Corporation.  “Over the years, DXC has consistently exceeded our internal service level agreements (SLAs) and introduced significant relevant innovations that brought operational efficiencies to our business,” he says.


As one of the fastest-growing restaurant companies in the world with a vision to become one of the top five in the world, JFC recognizes the need to update IT operations and modernize applications continuously.

To accelerate its digital transformation for further growth, JFC sought DXC’s help to align its digital transformation strategy further and foster innovation to continually reduce performance-related incidents and system downtime, increase automation and enhance effective governance of business processes across markets.


With a deep understanding of JFC’s IT environment, challenges, and growth strategy, DXC stood out as the best strategic partner for JFC’s digital transformation journey.

To support JFC’s network of over 6,500 stores in 34 countries, delivery encompasses IT infrastructure and solutions for growth with optimized delivery costs and innovations, including applications and outsourcing, modern workplace, data and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and security. The customization of these solutions empower JFC to smoothly navigate its rapid expansion and operational complexities globally.

Work includes several innovations to enhance operations, such as a ‘store in a box’ turnkey solution, shared service transformation and automation, store and commissary/warehouse transformation, support for JFC’s stores and critical enterprise applications in the Philippines, with extended services across the Asia-Pacific, Americas and EMEA regions.

DXC’s ‘store in a box’ turnkey solution will enable JFC to immediately set up a stable and efficient in-store technology platform for new and existing restaurants. The platform will provide JFC with more efficient and streamlined workflows enabled by greater automation and analytics.

Manual business processes will be replaced with easy-to-understand user dashboards providing crucial insights for informed decision-making, driving greater operational efficiency and productivity, and enabling the delivery of consistently exceptional dining experiences for customers. Employees will also be able to use a new chatbot to access information on their service catalog, end-user devices and office facilities.

To preempt possible issues and ideate practical improvements for day-to-day operations, JFC can now also design virtual models of its stores and warehouses anywhere in the world, and run detailed simulations to study performance.

Yves Cramazou, managing director, DXC Technology ASEAN, commented, “We are delighted that our partnership with JFC continues to propel their digital evolution, delivering best-in-class experiences to both customers and employees. DXC is committed to helping JFC surpass expectations and establish new industry benchmarks.”

Value delivered

Provides essential IT services for 3,000 stores, 13,000 employees and data centers in the Philippines
Cloud migration minimizing the carbon footprint
Innovations for operational efficiencies


The strategic collaboration enables JFC to streamline digital transactions, elevate customer experiences and fuel business growth on a global scale.

As a trusted partner, DXC supports JFC’s transformation journey and is committed to helping JFC achieve new heights in digital excellence and innovation in the QSR sector. The end-to-end transformation solutions benefit all the regions JFC is targeting for expansion.  “We have started very positively in North America and are now in discussions to provide support across more countries," says Cramazou. "My personal goal is to bring this relationship to the next level.”

Tanbuntiong said, “We take pride in providing our customers with the highest standards of food quality, service and cleanliness. DXC has been an invaluable partner in our journey to elevate that service quality. Even though we have partnered with DXC for many years, you can feel their enthusiasm for supporting new initiatives and pushing for new platforms to help improve the business. This partnership reflects our shared vision of digital transformation at scale, aimed at delivering unparalleled experiences to JFC’s customers.”

Yoly Chua, Vice President and Head for PH and EMEAA regions, JFC, summed up the partnership — "the common values that we share with DXC is what makes it special — it’s the people that are the special ingredient  — it’s what made this long-lasting relationship between the two companies happen.”

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