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Data & Analytics

Envision, design and modernize your data environment. Our data-driven insights help you protect existing investments and discover future business opportunities.

The race is on for better data insights

As the world moves to digital business, the growing use of analytics is unlocking new value from data. The race is on with your competitors, and it’s easy to fall behind when you can’t predict, model and respond to market trends, supply chain fluctuations, consumer behavior and complex risks. DXC Technology understands the unique ways industries and business processes can drive better outcomes with enterprise data architecture. 

DXC provides best-in-class analytics and AI platform solutions and a trademarked approach to innovation

Named a “Leader” by ISG in data engineering services, data infrastructure and cloud integration services, data life cycle management services, and data science services

Solve complex challenges

DXC's Data & Analytics service helps you solve complex operational, technological and strategic challenges by synthesizing and visualizing the connected world and the vast amount of data available. We combine human-centered design with digitalized assets, automation, traditional and Generative AI, DataOps and MLOps, and we then hyperscale data management to extend your capabilities and ultimately augment your workforce. With DXC Data & Analytics, you overcome skill shortages, expand margins, enable new business initiatives and increase employee satisfaction.

Improved algorithmic performance by 100x for an autonomous driving engineering team

A railway’s maintenance operations went entirely paperless within 3 weeks of deployment

Fast path to business value

Accelerate your path to business value wherever you are on your data journey — planning, design, implementation or management. Use the power of advanced analytical tools to ingest and transform data, platforms to store and analyze data, and partnerships to protect and maximize data value.

AWS Global Summits (Europe)

Real-life AI enterprise challenges and how to get beyond

DXC is proud to be a Gold sponsor of a series of AWS Summits in Europe taking place from April to June 2024. Connect with DXC experts in Paris, London, Milan and Madrid, and attend our speaker sessions to hear about real-world use cases where DXC partnered with AWS to revolutionize our customers' business with AI/GenAI — to cut time and cost, and help them become more competitive.

Artificial intelligence takes on outsourcing

Companies are now discovering how assigning rules-based processes to AI systems and their intelligent algorithms can solve many issues associated with traditional outsourcing. In this new article, Carl Kinson, director and general manager of DXC Technology Strategy & Innovation and DXC Fellow, discusses the benefits of outsourcing work to AI, and explains how DXC’s experienced AI practitioners can help you innovate and industrialize AI for enterprise growth. 


Analytics Platforms

Reduce TCO of data while improving the resilience and service quality of data-driven business processes. Make data foundations more efficient and support investment in growth.

Data Engineering

Get more consistent business value from data by improving the flow of data between IT and business systems. Assure quality of analytics solutions while streamlining the process of launching and operating them at scale.

Data Science & AI

Prioritize high-impact, high-value business outcomes that can be addressed with data and both traditional and Generative AI. DXC co-innovates with customers to embed analytics, from pilots to production-grade, end-to-end AI platforms. 

Industry Solutions

Reduce the cost of innovation and differentiate yourself in your industry, from automotive to CPG and more. DXC people, processes and technology help you build exceptional products, services and experiences.

IoT Services

Implement IoT solutions with speed and confidence for real-world outcomes. Through data, design and engineering accelerators, DXC drives value faster for smart factory on AWS, Azure, hybrid cloud, public infrastructure and digital supply chain solutions.

DXC optimizes automated driving data collection with Mobile Ingest Box

DXC Technology was tasked by Mercedes-Benz AG to develop a stable data ingest solution, suitable for a rapid ingest of recorded sensor data from solid-state drives (SSDs) to a mobile ingest box, a combined software-, hardware- and service-solution stack. 

Consumer and Retail

Facility management company

The company implemented a global robotic process automation (RPA) platform to increase productivity, improve consistency and boost scalability opportunities across geographies.

Energy, Utilities, Oil and Gas


Bayernwerk Netz GmbH turns AI MVPs into scalable, efficient and accurate solutions with DXC’s MLOps, saving thousands of euros annually.

Banking and Capital Markets

Business and commercial bank

UK's largest business and commercial bank implemented compliance with GDPR to improve transparency, accountability and security, and to limit the amount of data stored.

Q & A: DXC's Brian Bacsu on Generative AI in insurance, a balancing act of risk and impact

In a Q&A, Brian Bacsu of DXC explains why insurers implementing GenAI will need to juggle uncertainty in the regulatory environment with the transformation of their core business.

The new governance: 10 trends

IT governance is a key element of tech debt — establishing robust frameworks in an ever-changing environment fosters alignment with business goals, and ensures IT initiatives contribute directly to the success of broader business strategy.

The value and future of AI language models in the global insurance industry

This report, sponsored by DXC and written by Datos Insights, provides basic definitions of various language models and explores how insurers will most likely utilize large language models.

Partners and key collaborators


Modernize, accelerate migrations and create cloud value with DXC and AWS. 

Google Cloud

Harness the combined power of Google Cloud and DXC expertise in managing mission-critical workloads and transformations.


Unlock data value and drive innovative digital experiences with edge-to-cloud, as-a-service solutions.


Modernize for tangible cloud, workplace and application business results with DXC and Microsoft.


Solve for global connectivity, processing, storage and analysis of vehicle-centric data, including related AI, ML, telematics and autonomous vehicle data.


Leverage migration frameworks to accelerate your Snowflake adoption for driving targeted business outcomes.