A new era of customer interaction has arrived and Australian enterprises must align their strategy and delivery to take advantage of this unprecedented change. This whitepaper introduces CEOs and IT and business leaders to the challenges and opportunities modern customer interaction presents, and offers strategic advice to improve an organisation’s capability.

Customer interaction entails an entire industry of how various corporate, financial services and government entities engage with end-customers. The future of customer interaction is digital based on customer preference, whereby any communication to a person or company is as efficient and effective at addressing a need or offering a sales opportunity. This is the true omnichannel customer interaction opportunity, which is personalised and not standard.

External factors, including regulatory compliance, are forcing customer interaction strategy into the boardroom where it is as important as product offerings, competitive threats and new market opportunities. This report highlights how the future of omnichannel will be built with digital and how transformation programs can improve the entire spectrum of customer interaction.

Put simply, if your organisation is not managing customer interaction properly it is exposing itself to losing customers, risk of statutory non-compliance, high operating costs and lost revenue generating opportunities. Thriving in the age of digitally-connected consumers calls for a modern, agile approach to customer interaction technology and processes.

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Author: Anthony Kravinskis