SBB with DXC Technology Improves Passenger Access to Travel Delay Refunds

Application services from DXC enable automated public service platform for SBB 

Bern, Switzerland, 20 July 2021 - DXC Technology (NYSE:DXC) and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) have successfully implemented a customer service management platform across Switzerland to improve the process by which customers receive refunds for travel delays. DXC leveraged its Enterprise Technology Stack capabilities and expertise in ServiceNow applications and analytics to create with SBB an efficient, secure and reliable platform serving some 1.3 million train passengers. The solution also helps Swiss public, rail and bus transportation companies to comply with the national and European passenger laws.  

After Switzerland adopted new national legislation for greater protection of passenger rights, starting in January 2021, all Swiss public transport companies were required to start compensating passengers for disrupted journeys. This includes train, bus, ferry and aerial tramway connections. SBB was assigned by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport to build and operate a platform that enables secure and easy refunds, which will be used by over 250 transportation companies in the country.

Drawing on their successful, long-standing collaboration, SBB selected DXC as a partner of choice in this new challenge. The two companies collaborated to use innovative technology to develop an efficient, safe and practical solution, both for passengers and the transportation companies.

DXC, which provides ServiceNow platform solutions for SBB, built a completely new customer service management solution, modernizing the existing platform by developing a fully automated, cloud-based portal. The automated portal has end-to-end integration with back office, travel and accounting teams, integrated third-party timetables, and automated ticket checks. There are also additional analytics and intelligence capabilities for enhanced checks to verify claims and protect against fraudulent actions. 

With this smart and easy-to-use portal, SBB is optimizing both their operations and the passenger experience. Passengers can claim refunds for travel delays through a fully digital process which is much faster, and accessible anytime, anywhere. The high-level of automation has simplified and enabled more efficient data processing, with up to 80 percent of claims accepted or rejected automatically by the system, reducing lengthy waiting times at the physical SBB booths and errors in refund payments.

“DXC has worked closely with SBB to deliver a highly-automated portal for wide, public service use that will enable all public transportation companies to take better care of their passengers and customers,” said Gudrun Heim, managing director, DXC Technology, Switzerland. “Our team has once again demonstrated how we deliver excellence for our customers developing and delivering digital business solutions to support their customer’s needs using our capabilities across the Enterprise Technology Stack. The portal is easy-to-use and services both passengers and transportation companies in Switzerland.” 

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