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Digital Transformation Centre (DTC)

Solving complex problems with the speed of a start-up and the scale of an enterprise

Business and operational leaders are being challenged to find new ways to better serve their customers, employees and communities. 

The DTC is a rapid approach to solving complex problems and enabling innovation.

We work together with our customers and our network of partners to co-create digital products, services and processes designed to realise value, deliver cost benefits and improve business outcomes. Our teams work virtually or in-person – we’re there where you need us. 

Realise new value streams

  • Uncover new value streams within your organisation
  • Unlock new sources of value in the broader ecosystem your organisation operates in
  • Deliver cost benefits through new innovations

Action transformational change

  • Optimise existing processes within your organisation
  • Modernise mission-critical systems
  • Ensure company-wide adoption for better business outcomes
  • Deliver performance transparency 

Our approach

Holistic approach

We factor in all elements across business, process, service and CX transformations when developing a technology-enabled solution.

Agility for time to value

We power digital transformations with an agile mindset, to deliver maximum value at the shortest sustainable lead time.

Unique and rich IP

Using our rich suite of frameworks, tools, practices and industry benchmarks, we help tailor the right approach.

Grounded in technology

As tech-driven consultants, we’re grounded in implementation experience through DXC’s 60+ years delivering complex, mission-critical technology solutions.

Technology agnostic

DXC is technology and partner agnostic. We leverage your existing or planned technology stack to ensure we get the optimal solution for your organisation.

Partnerships for co-creation

We collaborate with universities and our extensive tech partner ecosystem to bring new research, fresh perspectives, and diverse experience.

Uncovering challenge or opportunity areas

We take a holistic view across the areas relevant to your goals – whether it’s unearthing new opportunities or solving complex business challenges

Customer Success

"Change requires buy-in from teams. You can’t emphasise the importance of the human-centred design approach enough. DXC did a great job involving The Wine Collective (TWC) to establish solutions and align them with requirements – it’s our language, and we helped create the solutions. TWC must continue to evolve, and people have now seen how that can be done positively, improving old processes without too much pain. That’s one of the biggest learnings.”

Lloyd Heinrich
Chief Executive Officer, The Wine Collective

Sydney Water customer story

Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas

Customer experience transformation makes a splash for Sydney Water

Digital capability significantly uplifts brand image and enables optimum engagement with employees and customers to deliver world-class water services.
Guide Dogs Victoria customer story

Public Sector

Enhancing the lives of people with low vision or blindness through co-design

A co-designed peer-to-peer support platform provides Guide Dogs Victoria customers with access to information to increase social inclusion and digital participation.
Wine Collective customer story

Consumer and Retail

Human centred design, innovation and collaboration drives business value

The Wine Collective improved contact centre processes enhancing customer and employee experience, resulting in increased productivity and overall business growth.