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Secure connectivity for people and machines

DXC Access Management

Manage access for people and machines, enabling anyone or anything to operate from anywhere, on any device and across any channel — without compromising your company’s security or adherence to regulatory requirements

DXC Access Management lets security teams oversee user and device identities in dynamic environments, where secure access control is required to remain compliant with data and privacy regulations. Our access management services protect data and business operations, demonstrate regulatory compliance, reduce costs, fill skills gaps and enable the implementation of new business models. DXC manages identities and secure access for employees, partners, customers, citizens, software bots, smart agents, automated scripts, IoT devices and APIs.

What's included

Accelerated zero trust adoption

Rely on a modern identity management fabric for increasingly expanding perimeters that are defined by identity.

Seamless collaboration with partners

Federated identities ensure security and accountability for contributions from employees, partners and even customers.

Reliable identity scaling

Choose on-premises or SaaS options for sovereignty and resilient access control for millions of identities.


Modern identity platforms centralize management of access policies while Policy Enforcement Points (PEPs) are distributed across the protected systems, mobile applications, service APIs, data centers and SaaS applications. Wherever your sensitive data may reside, the same consistent policy needs to be applied to determine who is authorized to access the data and the level of authentication required for them to do so. So, when regulations change, DXC Access Management can change policies centrally and apply them automatically across your applications, databases, APIs and SaaS providers. The changes will then be propagated automatically across all the protected systems, on premises and in the cloud.

It’s not unusual for one person to have dozens of passwords for home and work applications. Many of these passwords are weak, which makes single sign-on a core requirement of any access control portal. DXC Access Management helps reduce security risks resulting from poor password practices, while also improving the user experience with frictionless authentication journeys.

Passwords are all too easy to steal or guess, and forgotten passwords are expensive to reset. It's good practice to stop using passwords and instead move to biometrics and the Fast Identity Online (FIDO2) open standard for user authentication to enhance security, assure identities and make life easier for end users without compromising privacy, security or accountability. DXC relies on this standard to enable secure and convenient logins across websites and apps using unique cryptographic keys stored in a piece of secure hardware, such as a smart card or a USB/NFC hardware token; the Personal Identification Number (PIN) can be unlocked with a human-friendly gesture or biometric.

DXC has created an Identity and Access Management (IAM) Capability Model that provides a framework to define strategies, plan roadmaps, propose architectures and assess maturity against industry benchmarks. The model is populated with best practice guides, templates and blueprints that draw on decades of industry experience, technical know-how and our work with industry-leading technology partnerships. The IAM Capability Model accelerates our service delivery with consistent and high-quality outcomes.

5.5 million users
at a U.S. health insurer have seamless single sign-on to third-party websites using technology and services from DXC
11 million customers
at a U.S. financial services company use biometric authentication and FIDO2 services from DXC on mobile devices to enhance identity assurance
800,000 citizen identities
for a European city government services are provided SSO technology and services from DXC

Who can benefit

Consider DXC Access Management for your business if:  

  • You need to enable customers or citizens to interact securely with your company or government agency through the digital channels they prefer — such as mobile apps, websites or IoT devices — and provide a consistent customer experience and true omnichannel personalization. 
  • You want to improve the user sign-on experience while also improving security using stronger authentication methods than passwords.
  • You want to reach new customers in new markets by allowing them to federate their identities of their local preferred social media account with your services.
  • You want to step up authentication for high-value transactions with seamless integration of a choice of multi-factor authentication options that raise identity assurance while providing user choice.
  • You need to defend your organization from the countless number of sophisticated threat actors increasingly exploiting new technology, such as 5G interconnections, and new uses for existing technology, such as devices that enable collaboration among remote employees.


Leading businesses choose DXC for our global partner ecosystem, end-to-end approach to access control and relentless focus on delivering value fast. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

Detailed methodology for IAM strategy

DXC provides advisory consulting services to define your access management strategy, with rapid and agile design and solution implementation, operational support and integration of legacy identity management platforms.

Global service support

DXC provides identity management services from locations that meet national or regional delivery requirements, with highly experienced staff to address your skills and resource gaps.

Innovative delivery framework

DXC accelerates our service delivery with consistent and high-quality outcomes.

❝ DXC is positioned as a Leader in NelsonHall’s 2024 Cyber Resiliency Services NEAT evaluation due to its rich experience that has enabled the development of its blueprints, playbooks, and security platforms, supporting clients in meeting regulatory requirements and improving their overall cyber resiliency posture. ❞

Mike Small
Senior Analyst, NelsonHall

Source: NelsonHall names DXC a Leader in cyber resiliency services


DXC delivers Access Management services alongside leading partners and key collaborators.

Commonly asked questions about Access Management

1) We enable secure and accountable collaboration for employees, partners and suppliers to sensitive data and IT systems, 24x7.

2) We offer specific solutions for industries where secure, consistent and resilient services are required to cope with peaks of demand, including defense, banking, etc.

3) DXC has in-country security-cleared teams to support secure delivery for customers with national security or sovereignty compliance requirements. We have teams serving regions such as Europe, North America and APAC that operate within similar time zones and meet EU data handling requirements. Our Global Delivery Network (GDN) includes large expert teams in India, Malaysia and the Philippines, providing global services at competitive rates for efficient global sourcing.

DXC takes a user-centered approach to design. We know that it is important to pick technologies and define processes and workflows that are people-friendly, which reassures users that their data and identity credentials are secure and confidential — even in high-risk situations. For example, we can use passive checks like location and device signature to minimize authentication friction.  

DXC understands FIDO2 and how to educate and engage your stakeholders to maximize the value of this new authentication standard, which provides strong two-factor authentication rather than relying solely on passwords that are all too easily compromised. DXC helps our customers quickly migrate to this stronger authentication standard, by managing the required business changes and technology integration to implement it.