KuppingerCole Analysts, an independent global analyst organization headquartered in Europe, has recognized DXC as one of the top identity and access management (IAM) leaders serving customers in North America. The IAM Systems Integrators – North America Leadership Compass report emphasized the importance of IAM as a core component of the enterprise IT infrastructure, and a key element in reducing the attack surface and protecting digital assets.  

”By enabling enterprises to manage and govern identities and the assets they are authorized to access, IAM can ensure that the right entities — including people, applications/workloads, and devices — can access the right resources at the right time, while preventing unauthorized access, a leading cause of data breaches,” the report notes.

The 13 system integrators evaluated by KuppingerCole provide services ranging from planning and design to implementing and operating various IAM technologies based on customer requirements.

In its report, KuppingerCole named DXC as one of the top three overall IAM systems integrator leaders. DXC was ranked as one of the top two leaders in: 

  • Service leadership – strong service features and overall services capabilities, including functional strength and completeness of the services
  • Innovation leadership – a customer-oriented upgrade approach that meets evolving and emerging business requirements, delivering cutting-edge services while maintaining compatibility with older systems
  • Market leadership – an amalgamation of the number of customers, ratio between customers and services utilized, geographic distribution of customers, size of deployments and services, size and geographic distribution of the partner ecosystem, and the systems integrator’s financial health

The report acknowledged DXC’s global presence and broad experience in providing IT security services across 10 vertical industries, including many financial and manufacturing customers. DXC was one of only three vendors to receive Strong Positive designations for security, functionality, service delivery, integrations and serviceability. In addition, DXC earned Strong Positive designations for innovativeness, ecosystem and financial strength.

DXC stood out as one of only 2 vendors to receive “Strong Positive” designations for security, functionality, service delivery, integrations and serviceability. “Strong Positive” indicates outstanding support for the subject area, such as product functionality, or outstanding position of the company, such as for financial stability. DXC also earned “Strong Positive” designations for financial strength (of the company), as well as innovativeness and ecosystem.  

KuppingerCole highlighted the following DXC strengths:

  • Global partner ecosystem
  • Detailed methodology for IAM strategy, implementation and managed services
  • Professional service support
  • Global presence that can be leveraged for delivering projects locally
  • Support for all engagement methods, types and duration
  • Support for audit and compliance framework reports
  • Strong workforce with latest certifications

The report emphasized DXC’s support for both on-premises and cloud deployments and noted that we cover all other areas of IAM technology, including fraud reduction intelligence platforms (FRIP), data loss prevention (DLP), cloud access security broker (CASB), Endpoint Security, robotic process automation (RPA), AI/ML, machine identity management and decentralized identities. DXC also has experience with all major operating systems for deploying and maintaining IAM systems and supports all major authentication methods.

The report also noted that DXC offers end-to-end identity management incorporating application development and operational services. DXC’s partner ecosystem, which KuppingerCole called “very strong,” includes Microsoft, ForgeRock, SailPoint, Okta, Thales, CyberArk, Oracle and IBM.

DXC combines its global presence with a regional approach that includes offices across North America in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Bermuda. DXC has 3,500+ security professionals; an 80% on-time, on-budget completion rate; significant presence in the North American market; and 24x7 support in most languages.

In a different report, KuppingerCole Analyst also recognized DXC as an IAM System Integrators leader for Europe.