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Navigate the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities ahead to achieve greater performance, scale and competitiveness.

The power of DXC people and technology

We deliver excellence for our customers and colleagues every day. Our values form the foundation of everything we do and every decision we make.

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Modernise and transform

Bridge the gap from legacy to modern. Rethink your applications. Make the right investments at the right time. DXC delivers the IT services you need for the business outcomes you want across your entire IT estate.

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Customer Stories

Jollibee Foods accelerates digital transformation for growth

Even though we have partnered with DXC for many years, you can feel their enthusiasm for supporting new initiatives and pushing for new platforms to help improve the business. This partnership reflects our shared vision of digital transformation at scale, aimed at delivering unparallelled experiences to JFC’s customers.

— Joseph C Tanbuntiong
      Chief Business Officer at Jollibee Foods Corporation

O-I Glass modernises workplace experience with innovative solution

The manufacturer deployed DXC UPtime™ Experience Platform to enable friction-free technology experiences for its global workforce.

Vodafone Germany reimagines customer service with its transition to the cloud

To reduce tech debt and enhance flexibility, the telecom provider modernised its homegrown customer care and billing system.

Nissan’s modern workplace boosts employee productivity and satisfaction

“We value DXC as a partner that can offer high quality technology services in Japan and all over the world. We look forward to receiving support for our business and for implementing more flexible and highly productive modern workplaces as we expand globally.”

— Masateru Takakuwa
     Global Digital Platform Division, Nissan


Lockton International prepares for the future of insurance with DXC Assure Broking

Lockton UK turns to DXC Technology to streamline operations through the cloud-based solution, DXC Assure Broking.
rolls of steel sheet in a plant

BlueScope Australia consolidates 13 systems into a customer-centric ERP environment

Applications consolidation streamlines business processes and provides a modern technology foundation for supply chain and customer-facing systems.


Electric vehicle charging station futuristic

How auto manufacturers can design for sustainability

Meet the challenges of ESG regulations by adopting and integrating three powerful industrywide solutions.
Global technology signals under a night sky.

Learn from others to supercharge your applications modernisation

Insights from DXC Modernisation Studio help you determine the best way to make digital progress.

Gen AI in insurance: A balancing act of risk and impact

A conversation on juggling regulatory uncertainty with the transformation of core business.

Why we need more cybersecurity tabletop exercises

Don’t wait for a crisis. Maintain readiness by testing your response and recovery plans.
supply chain map and truck

How to remove bumps in the supply chain of the future

DXC Leading Edge examines re-engineering supply chains in order to enable greater resiliency and agility.
people working in front of a a large multi-display transparent screen

Executive Data Series: AI for growth

DXC’s Global AI Practice Director discusses the importance of tying AI initiatives to enterprise business and data strategies.

The reality of securing today’s enterprise hybrid clouds

Companies need new best-practice strategies for securing work spanning on-prem and cloud environments.
people seated around a conference table working

Embrace open innovation for success

DXC’s collaboration with Startup Autobahn creates new opportunities to develop innovative digital ecosystems.