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4 ways to secure infrastructure in a hybrid world

By DXC security experts Rhodri Davies, Mike Dutton, Yahya Kharraz and Dirk Thys

How secure is your growing IT estate? These new models and practices will keep security aligned with the business.

Let's do cloud right

Transforming to a data-centric enterprise through cloud

Cloud and the hyperscalers promise so much for data and analytics — yet cloud is not right for everything.

Improve the employee experience

In the age of the “war for talent,” it’s more important than ever to gain competitive advantage by reinventing the employee experience.
Let's do cloud right

It’s time to do Cloud Right

Yes, you should have moved to public cloud years ago, but you didn't. DXC senior researcher Simon Wardley makes the case for getting it right.

Ransomware defense guide: Prepare for an attack

By Lars Klinghammer, cyber security architect and global remediation lead, DXC

Follow this checklist by DXC Technology to secure systems and data against ransom-based malware.


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