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DXC AI Solutions for Insurance

Transforming the industry with generative, predictive and cognitive AI. Learn how DXC can help you leverage the latest AI technologies to improve customer service, accelerate innovation and optimize business processes

40+ years
of innovation in the insurance industry
1900+ customers
and active customer communities
19M+ policies
managed on AWS cloud

You’ve got questions about how AI is transforming the insurance industry

DXC has the insights to help you navigate this change. Whether you want to optimize your operations, improve your customer experiences or stay ahead of the competition, DXC’s Insurance Software & BPS team can help you protect your investments, extend your current technologies and transform to take advantage of AI strategies.

We have more than 40 years of history in the insurance industry and the AI answers to help you achieve your business objectives. Let DXC help you start your AI journey with confidence.

DXC AI Insurance Solutions

DXC Technology is the leading provider of AI solutions for the insurance industry, helping insurers harness their data to extend and transform their business processes, customer experiences and risk management.

DXC Assure Legal Insights

Lower claim costs and legal expenditures, increase speed and consistency, enhance customer experiences and gain insights to litigation costs and outcomes to develop effective strategies.

DXC Assure Answers

Enhance engagement and unlock insights from your enterprise data using the power of generative AI.

DXC Assure Insights

Leverage the power of enhanced data analytics and AI-powered solutions that enrich your operations

“You can ask a large language model, “What is an insurance policy?” and you’ll get back a great answer. But if you ask it things like, “Tell me about my insurance policy,” then there’s a lot of work involved to move from the general to the specific. Either way, you’ll need partners you can trust."


Brian Bacsu
Director, insurance architecture and platform engineering
DXC Technology



"Generative AI in insurance: A balancing act of risk and impact"

DXC and AI in action

A selection of perspectives

Conversational AI transforms the insurance customer conversation

Conversational AI is in the race to automate customer service and consumer interaction in the insurance industry, providing capabilities to grow customer conversion, and improve IVR authentication and call routing.

Cognitive computing: A powerful enabler of insurance customer service

Insurance process automation that augments human intelligence can improve customer satisfaction.

If you don’t have a Generative AI strategy, it’s time to get one

There are serious challenges and concerns around the use of Generative AI, but with the right safeguards in place, organizations can — and should — start using the technology now.

How better legal technology reduces risk, manages cost for general counsel

An article about how general counsels can leverage data and technology to reduce costs and risks