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Digital Identity

Verify the digital identity of everyone and everything to connect people and machines securely and accountably to data and systems.

Digital identity is a key enabler for business transformation. Securing the flow of data to authorized entities and controlling access to IT services is fundamental to successful businesses. Knowing and enforcing that the right person or device has the access required, but no more than that, is critical for adopting a least privilege, zero-trust approach.

Deterring cyberattacks, reducing the cost of regulatory compliance, and enabling nimble adaptation to new ways of doing business is key to digital success. Capturing massive volumes of data means nothing if a user cannot access it, or the latest machine learning systems cannot process it to support timely decisions that drive efficiency and business growth. Digital identity connects people and machines to data and IT services to enable fast and effective decision-making with security and regulatory compliance.

Provide the right access to people and machines.

Reduce risk and protect sensitive data.

Cut costs for compliance and identity services.

Demonstrate and enforce compliance to regulations. 


Identity Access Management

Extend collaboration by securely connecting anybody and anything to data and services, securely and accountably. Transform to operate from anywhere, regardless of device or channel, without compromising your security or regulatory compliance. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Increase trust in your digital interactions with passwordless authentication designed for ease of use by your people. Enforce continuous and adaptive authentication, no matter who or what is accessing your data, wherever that data is stored. 

Electronic Identity

Accelerate the switch to digital channels with digital identity that protects the privacy of citizens and consumers at scale. Use digital ID-proofing to quickly onboard citizens and customers with high assurance of verified and validated identities. 

Identity Governance and Administration

Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance through automation of user provisioning, access policy enforcement, user recertifications and audit reporting. Comply with increasingly strict regulation of sensitive data with automated compliance and remediation.

Key and Certificate Services

Ensure secure communication, establish trust and streamline regulatory compliance with centralized management of digital identities, encryption keys and certificates. Accelerate the adoption of cloud and SaaS with your own private root of trust to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data while respecting data residency laws. 

Privileged Account Management

Govern privileged access to deter outside attackers, disgruntled employees or misconfiguration of elevated privileges. Privileged access is the top target for threat actors. Know what accounts you have, enforce consistent access polices, maintain robust audit trails, and ensure only qualified staff make approved changes. 

DXC Thales BrightTalk webinar

The amount of enterprise data in companies is increasing faster than ever, creating exciting opportunities for driving innovative insights. Understanding where critical data resides allows you to safeguard it; enforce digital sovereignty to ensure its compliance with data protection legislation; and unlock its full potential for insights and operational advantage. Watch how DXC’s Key and Certificate service, powered by Thales data security services, supports these digital requirements and advantages.

Why it’s time to move beyond passwords

Passwords were supposed to prevent unauthorized computer access and defend against cyber threats. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out that way.

Zero Trust for maximum security

A “deny all, allow some” strategy to protect your IT assets across internal networks, clouds and remote working environments

Identity and access in the cloud

Many companies are rethinking traditional approaches to managing digital identities.

“It’s the modernization and getting to that level of automation that gives us maximum reliability, maximum speed, maximum compliance, and of course, maximum security to protect our critical infrastructure.”

Damian Bunyan

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Enhance security for a world powered by the cloud, data and software.



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