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Secure assets by protecting and managing elevated user entitlements

DXC Privileged Access Management

Increase control over your critical system accounts, consistently enforce access policies and ensure regulatory compliance  

DXC Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a powerful security control that protects your most critical accounts. You can manage compliance and mitigate risks by enforcing consistent access polices, maintaining robust audit trails and ensuring only qualified staff make approved changes. With PAM, DXC enables organizations to secure, manage, and track privileged credentials whether on premises or in the cloud, across operating systems, databases, applications and devices. You will also be able to automatically refresh credentials on remote machines and safely store the new credentials with no human intervention, in line with your access policies. You will quickly gain visibility of privileged identity risks and demonstrate regulatory compliance with PAM services that scale rapidly for regional or global IT operations. 

What's included

Centralized management

Single web console to request, access, control privileged accounts.


Simplified onboarding and password controls, and enforced compliance to regulations.

Tools, services and data integration

Seamless information and management flow for raising overall security level.

Support for older on-premises assets

Maximized return on existing IT investments.


We help you quantify the number, type and risk exposure of your estate’s admin accounts.

Managing account credentials is all about knowing the admin accounts you have, and getting them under secure management with a credential vault. Credentials can be checked in and out with a policy applied to refresh a password after every use. Linking with an IT Service Management (ITSM) system, like ServiceNow, allows for change tickets to be linked with PAM approval workflows, so access is only granted as part of a planned and approved change request. A user need never see their credentials, as the vault passes them directly to the PAM Session Manager, which signs on the user.

Within a managed PAM session each command can be filtered by the policy and each key stroke or mouse click recorded. The session manager can enforce use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) or other access policies consistently, regardless of the target system being accessed. End users also have a smoother login experience as the session manager provides them with single-sign-on to the accounts they have been authorized to access. It also automates the task of changing passwords or keys after use for the admin staff.

DXC supplies industry-certified professionals with extensive advisory, design, delivery and support experience. Our teams are certified for SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO27001, CISSP, SANS, Microsoft, CyberArk, Delinea, BeyondTrust, and more. 

3,500+ security professionals
with global efficiency and insight, 8 security operation centers across 5 continents providing localized expertise
21,000 endpoints
managed by clustered PAM appliances for a Canadian financial institution
500 entitlements
in a European reinsurance company provided with seamless privileged user experience, by upgrading their existing PAM solution

Who can benefit

Consider DXC PAM for your business if:

  • You operate in heavily regulated markets that require compliance with regulations and enforcement of access policies to defend privileged entitlements from abuse by internal and external threats. Regulations require enterprises to demonstrate enforcement of their access policies to remain compliant with legislation or industry best practice.  
  • You need more advanced technology for your admin accounts with elevated privileges to protect against threat actors who are intent on stealing sensitive personal data or proprietary intellectual property, or extorting money with ransomware. Robust capabilities are required to know what accounts you have, to be able to enforce consistent access polices across them, maintain audit trails, and ensure they are only used by qualified staff as part of planned and approved change tasks.   
  • You haven’t completely locked down unapproved actions. Some staff, with the best of intentions, will make unauthorized changes when they are logged in as an admin but such changes can still seriously interrupt operations and destroy or leak sensitive data. 


DXC operates some of the largest and most secure digital identity platforms in the world. Companies choose us for the investments we have made in staff, technology and business processes to deliver privileged access management services aligned to meet the challenges of customers in heavily regulated industries running critical infrastructure.

End-to-end, product-agnostic approach

DXC covers identity strategy, risk and compliance, as well as PAM technical architecture, workforce, operational and business process design, and implementation and management of PAM solutions. 

Global network with localized expertise-how

DXC has 8 security operation centers and 25+ delivery centers around the world. DXC cybersecurity capabilities cover 67 countries across all industry verticals.

In-depth knowledge of identity compliance needs

In the highly regulated insurance industry DXC improved the privileged user experience by providing a PAM solution to a European company with 6,000 accounts, 400 administrators, 400 roles and 500 entitlements.

❝ It’s the modernization and getting to that level of automation that gives us maximum reliability, maximum speed, maximum compliance, and of course, maximum security to protect our critical infrastructure. ❞


Damian Bunyan
CIO, Uniper

Source: Uniper transforms into a digitized company through IT modernization, co-innovation and co-creation


DXC delivers Privileged Access Management services alongside leading partners and key collaborators.

Commonly asked questions about Privileged Access Management

DXC is vendor- and technology-independent and picks the best technology to meet customer needs. DXC works closely with strategic partners and suppliers of PAM technology, including Microsoft, CyberArk, BeyondTrust, Delinea, Arcon, Broadcom, Oracle, Microfocus, and others.

DXC has flexibility to meet your national or regional hosting and delivery requirements. Options include PAM services hosted in a data center, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid. Our global delivery locations provide you with a blend of local and global delivery staff. 

Here are some examples of business results that DXC secured for our customers.

  • Shifted a global manufacturer from legacy on-premises IAM services to more agile modern SaaS PAM technology.
  • Reduced the cost of a healthcare provider’s regulatory compliance through automation of privileged access policy enforcement and generation of audit reports.
  • Visibility and accountability of third-party suppliers' use of privileged access, with automated enforcement of your privileged access policies.