Banking and Capital Markets

Accelerate new products and services, modernize platforms and back-office operations, and design and engineer personalized omnichannel digital experiences for banking and capital markets.

DXC Technology empowers customers worldwide to drive competitive advantage and navigate change. As experts in banking and capital markets technology and solutions, DXC is a trusted provider of change, modernization and run services for the competitive world of finance.

We are fluent in financial services, analytics and agile engineering, with decades of experience enabling clients to advance in challenging environments. Our ecosystem of innovative partners, products, technology and talent empowers our customers to lead the industry.

years' industry experience
250 million
customer deposit accounts managed
275 million
cards processed daily for 475 banks
2.5 trillion
U.S. account balances processed each day
Large Australian Bank customer story

Analytics and Engineering

AI and ML help predict and resolve IT outages before they occur

Large Australian bank improves IT service management using emerging technologies for proactive outage predictions.

Insurance BPaaS and BPO

NatWest Group digitizes check-clearing processes

By moving to image-based check-clearing, NatWest Group has increased speed and accuracy and enabled automated image fraud detection based on machine learning and AI technologies.
National Australia Bank


National Australia Bank

Bank’s neurodiversity program develops unique skills and talents.


Business Process Outsourcing

Digitize, optimize and transform complex business processes across front, middle, and back offices for insurance, payments and lending, finance and accounting and contact center experience.


Stay ahead of attackers and reduce risk. Our expert services and threat intelligence help you build in cyber security across your IT environment and operations.

DXC Security Threat Intelligence Report

This monthly report analyzes the latest threats, breaches, cybercrimes and nation-state activities, drawing upon public and proprietary sources including DXC’s global network of security operations centers. (1 minute)

Harnessing the power of data lineage to deliver compliance and business insight

Data lineage is fast becoming invaluable for validating the accuracy of vast amounts of data. But what exactly is data lineage, and how can it benefit today’s financial institutions?

Identity and access in the cloud: The future of the secure enterprise

Follow this guide for evaluating the pros and cons of cloud-based identity solutions and implementation strategies to provide a foundation for identity management.