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Salesforce Enterprise Applications & SaaS

A  modern approach to your front office that unlocks data and drives business value.

The DXC and Salesforce partnership enables customers to maximize the value of the full Salesforce platform by delivering an integrated customer, partner and employee experience. 

In partnership with Salesforce, we help our customers seamlessly integrate modern front-end solutions with legacy enterprise systems, and delivering out-of-the-box features or building customized applications to meet specific business requirements.

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It’s time for great industrial e-commerce

Deploying digital commerce at scale isn’t out of reach for industrial enterprises. While adapting to the needs of today’s digital-first shoppers is a tall order, the rewards of doing so include access to higher profits and customer retention.

Transform customer, partner and employee interactions with 360-degree view of unified data

Integrate industry platforms and solutions with MuleSoft to meet and modernize customer and/or employee experiences

Enable enterprises to take action on their customer data insights with AI and automations using Data Cloud


Expand digital service centers with Service Cloud Voice and accelerate retail engagement with personalized Marketing Cloud journeys

Enterprises must adopt a customer-centric  approach to modernization

This requires a deep understanding of the customer journey, as well as the ability to leverage data analytics to gain insights into behavior and preferences while integrating with other systems, such as inventory management and shipping, to provide a seamless end-to-end experience driving customer loyalty and growth.

Together DXC and Salesforce provide a range of tools to improve customer experience, from customer data management to personalized marketing campaigns, and bring the design and engineering services to create a seamless personalized experience for customers resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Global enterprises are complex, but  complexity is no longer an excuse

Enterprises need to ensure that their platform is scalable, flexible, and can adapt to changing business needs but this requires a high degree of customization including custom pricing, contract management, and standardization challenges.

Together DXC and Salesforce deliver E2E transformation services - configuring the platform to support their unique business processes, integrating the platform with other enterprise systems, and building configured or customized applications that meet specific business requirements.

Legacy systems were not designed to integrate with modern front-end systems – integration can be time-consuming, costly, and risky

The complexity of connecting legacy back-end systems with modern front-end systems due to data residing in different systems and silos and the lack of APIs and data structures that don’t communicate creates a challenge to providing a single view of the customer.

DXC and Salesforce have partnered to provide end-to-end digital transformation solutions that help enterprises modernize their legacy systems and integrate them with modern front-end systems to maximize the value of the full Salesforce platform. 

Modern, Contemporary Experience

A customer-centric approach prioritizes the needs and expectations of clients, improving satisfaction and loyalty. DXC and Salesforce empower enterprises to offer personalized experiences, implement efficient custom pricing models, and streamline contract management processes.

Intelligent Integration

DXC's expertise in complex system integration and Salesforce's customizable solutions enable enterprises to effectively manage and simplify the complexities of industrial commerce. By centralizing data and processes, businesses can optimize efficiency and enhance decision-making.

Legacy Systems Modernization

DXC and Salesforce provide a robust platform for integrating legacy systems with modern front-end systems, ensuring a seamless customer experience. The integration process reduces costs, streamlines operations, and minimizes risks associated with adopting new technologies.


Intelligent customer experience

Ensure you are meaningfully engaging with customers by bringing together advisory, technology and workforce capabilities that enhance the customer experience and reduce costs.  To find out where you are on the customer experience journey, take our assessment.

Procurement and supply chain modernization

Simplify and streamline procurement and supply chain operations to improve performance, increase controls and compliance, reduce cycle time, improve efficiency and visibility, and reduce transaction costs.

Data driven decisions

Connect all your customer data from legacy systems to build a harmonized data model for a single customer view empowering departments with unified customer profiles and real time activity using Salesforce Data Cloud.

iCommerce - B2B modernization

B2B buyers deserve a better digital commerce experience.  Deploying industrial e-comm at scale isn’t out of reach for industrial organization. You can deliver industry specific solutions that can be tailored to our customers' operational needs.

How integrated intelligent automation can modernize legacy ERP

Implement an integrated automation strategy that involves knowing the best and smartest ways to improve and modernize IT operations and ERP business processes to drive out costs and achieve faster and better ROIs.

Executive Data Series: The value of procurement data

A conversation with Andrea Bolden, data consulting lead (UKI), about how leading organizations leverage procurement data as an asset.

Building teams for software-defined products

This Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report examines how executives can embrace digital life cycle management to create new business value in our software-defined world.
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Mastering platform-driven business

A new era of data pipelines and digital platforms, driven by software engineering, will create organizations designed for flow and business transformation.

From the start, Salesforce has sought to change the world for the better through technology that builds stronger relationships. Between companies and their customers. Between employees and far-flung teams. Between governments and their citizens. Between people who want to make a difference.