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Protect privacy and build trust in digital transactions

DXC Decentralized Identity

Accelerate the switch to digital channels with privacy-protecting digital identification

DXC Decentralized Identity enables individuals to securely interact via digital channels. With identity proofing, control of personal and verified credentials is placed in the hands of citizens, employees and consumers. Users decide what attributes to share and with whom. This builds their trust in new digital channels, while companies gain the benefits of lower compliance costs. Using decentralized, rapidly scalable architectures avoids the expense of creating large, centralized databases filled with personal data — so, there’s less information you have to worry about defending from threat actors.

What's included

Privacy by design

Removes the data risks of centralized identity management with self-sovereign and distributed identities.


Assurance of data security, auditability and resilient digital transactions.

Simplified compliance

Automatic enforcement of relevant regulations and industry standards.


An e-wallet holds the digital equivalent of all the paper and plastic cards we carry around in our physical wallets: proof of age, airline tickets; retail vouchers and so on. Most people would not leave their house without their smart phone, making it the perfect home for their e-wallets. With DXC, virtual e-wallets also can be hosted in the cloud. 

Our Distributed Identity Framework provides a platform that uses a blockchain to hold a cryptographic record of a credential that was issued or validated by a trusted party — such as a digital driver’s license issued by the government. Importantly, an individual’s personal data is not held on the block chain — only an immutable record that the credential or attribute was validated by the trusted issuer. Personal data remains in the user’s e-wallet, protected with strong cryptography and their biometrics.

Whether in the physical or digital world, you decide when and with whom to share the verified credentials and attributes you store in your e-wallet. Your privacy is protected and your journey through interactions, such as sharing a proof of entitlement with multiple parties at one shot, is accelerated. So, too, is filling out forms — whether online or in a physical location — that require a trusted delivery address, or presenting your status to a local agency as a veteran or person with a disability who qualifies for discounted services.

Onboard digital or remote employees with speed and confidence with DXC Decentralized Identity proofing. New employees just hold up a photo ID to a web camera to have the contents captured and validated. Match the captured document photograph against the live-capture facial image of the new hire to validate that the individual is, in fact, the one you hired. You can also ensure that digital forms completed — such as those that specify the individual's compliance with local right to work legislation — are verified.  

Digital ID proofing is equally effective for identifying a “known” customer or supplier, or for use in any situation where someone has to present an ID card in the physical world or fill out a form online that can be verified. DXC supports thousands of document types from around the world for integration with identity platforms to product high-assurance identity governance and access management.

450M+ digital identities
under DXC management
36M+ authentications
daily on 300 identity platforms
25,000 new corporate digital identities
created each day
7.1M electronic identities
deployed for 6,500 services for one national ID program

Who can benefit

Consider DXC Decentralized Identity if: 

  • You want to build customer trust in your digital interactions through privacy by design that places control of personal data in the hands of the customer.
  • You need to validate sensitive personal data when onboarding citizens, customers, employees, contractors and business partners but want to avoid accumulating sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • You want to speed up and improve the quality of online form filling.
  • Your organization wants to digitally onboard new employees, consumers or citizens, so they need not visit a physical office or stand in line to have their documents inspected.
  • Your organization will be issuing verified credentials that meet the eiDAS 2 regulations for digital ID wallets — legislation came into force across Europe in 2024 — to individuals in government, banking, transport, retail, travel, energy and automotive companies, and educational institutions.
  • You have to deliver more services with the same resources, making face-to-face document inspections less practical from a personnel standpoint. 
  • You have hit the limits of federated identity to cope with the scale of modern digital business and ever-tighter regulations. 


Customers choose DXC for our decades of experience operating identity services for millions of users on behalf of our customers in sectors such as banking and government, or any industry that needs to scale to meet the demands of large consumer and IoT applications where centralized transaction processing causes bottlenecks. We have invested in staff, technology and pilot projects for e-wallets and verified credentials, drawing on our expertise running critical infrastructure in heavily regulated industries. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

End-to-end, product-agnostic approach

DXC’s method covers identity strategy, risk and compliance management, technical architecture, operational and business process design, and implementation.

In-depth knowledge of privacy compliance

DXC consultants and operational staff have decades of experience and knowledge of legal, regulatory and compliance issues across industries.

Certified digital identity skills

DXC teams are certified for SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO27001, CISSP, SANS and more.

❝ It’s the modernization and getting to that level of automation that gives us maximum reliability, maximum speed, maximum compliance, and of course, maximum security to protect our critical infrastructure. ❞


Damian Bunyan
CIO, Uniper

Source: Uniper transforms into a digitized company through IT modernization, co-innovation and co-creation


DXC delivers Decentralized Identity services alongside leading partners and key collaborators.

Commonly asked questions about Decentralized Identity

Decentralized Identity aligns with government trust frameworks such as eiDAS and global open technical standards, such as those of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF). We are one of just 8 providers of an approved eiDAS 2.0 citizen e-wallet. DXC works closely with our partners and key collaborators that offer specialist identity and blockchain services.  

DXC has flexibility to meet your national or regional hosting and delivery requirements. Options include e-ID services hosted in a data center, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid. Our worldwide delivery locations provide you with a blend of local and global delivery staff aligned to relevant national or industry regulations. 

Our privacy by design, decentralized model lets anyone create their own identities from scratch and through the sponsorship of trusted individuals. People — such as gig economy workers who often build their businesses from completing thousands of small tasks — can build solid reputations as these identities become as trusted as any centrally-issued credential. Businesses such as financial services providers benefit because they now have a way to verify and evaluate these individuals’ credentials with an eye towards growing their customer base.