Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

Manage and modernize your mission-critical systems while integrating new digital solutions to produce better business outcomes. 

Today’s travel, transportation and hospitality businesses are reinventing themselves in the midst of new challenges and continued uncertainty. Whether helping people or goods reach their destinations, industry leaders are leveraging new technologies to modernize, manage costs with rigor and curate ecosystems to drive sustainable growth.

DXC Technology has more than 40 years of experience helping travel, transportation and hospitality companies harness the power of innovation and compete in today’s customer-centric environment.

Top 10 global provider of transportation and logistics services, supporting:

3 of the 4
largest airlines in the world
2 of the top 3
global courier delivery services companies
Largest public transit authority
in the United States
1 of the top 5
largest global hotel companies

The National Transport Authority turned to DXC in 2010 to run and provide contact center services for its integrated ticketing system; this work continues through May 2022

“Managed by DXC, the Leap Card system is an outstanding example of convenience for customers and value for money to the state, using industry best practices and DXC’s experience, delivered through a collaborative partnership approach.”

Tim Gaston
Director of Public Transport Services
National Transport Authority, Ireland


Ocean Network Express charts course as data-driven enterprise with SAP on Google Cloud

ONE needed to increase efficiency across global operations, unify financial accounting systems and extend leading-edge HR services to employees.


Lufthansa accelerates the progress of travel innovation

Leading German airline enhanced brand visibility and customer experience with an open API.

Analytics and Engineering

Optimized planning tools lead Green Cargo to key insights, big savings

Swedish rail logistics company brought in DXC Technology’s rail cargo management solution to get the most out of its fleet, reduce costs and provide a solid foundation for planning.


Business Process Outsourcing

Reinvent business processes, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience with a flexible, scalable platform backed by a team of BPO domain experts.

Analytics and Engineering

Uncover and apply insights to optimize airline and airport operations that make air travel a safer, faster and more enjoyable experience.


Accelerate speed and agility to anticipate and manage ever-changing transportation market needs, while integrating processes and leveraging data insights to improve employee and customer experience.


Protect critical customer and partner data with a disciplined approach for staying ahead of adversaries. Build secure safeguards into your trucking and logistics operations.

IT Outsourcing

Deploy reliable, optimized and secure mission-critical systems at lower cost. We manage and simplify existing infrastructure investments and provide a way forward to modernize IT.

American Airlines and DXC: Mainstreaming the mainframe for modernization

American Airlines implements a DevOps toolchain and practices to transform its mainframe-based, mission critical Flight Operating System.
Train station cross point

Protecting critical rail infrastructure from cyber attacks

Digital technology exposes transportation OT systems to the same cyberthreats IT systems face.

How data science is driving digital transformation at MV Transportation

MV Transportation CIO shares how emerging technologies and disruptive newcomers will play into the industry.