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DXC Finance & Accounting

Reinvent your operations framework across finance & accounting to optimize your business operations for growth.

Strong track record

With a track record of bringing the people, processes and technology together to meet tougher regulations, lower costs and digitize operations for growth, DXC’s business process outsourcing services are helping companies modernize their operations framework across finance and accounting. 

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Best-in-class Finance & Accounting BPS

DXC's Finance & Accounting BPS, including procure-to-pay, offer a range of capabilities that leverage best-in-class technologies and a comprehensive library of best practices, refined over many years. Included in our tool chest are industry-leading procure-to-pay capabilities that help customers better manage their cash outflow by improving supplier relationships, automating end-to-end processes and reducing manual intervention. We also provide insights for data-driven decision-making to drive real value to the supply chain.  

45-50% reduction in operating costs

50-60% increase in efficiency driven by touchless processing

Better business outcomes

Companies struggling with back-office transformation can use our finance and accounting BPS to address rising costs, slower cycle times and generate more working capital. DXC’s approach helps embed analytics in your company to derive business insights around key drivers of financial performance. Let us help you achieve better business results with an efficient and effective finance and accounting operation.

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Rethink finance business processes for the digital world

Intelligently rebuilding, streamlining and automating AP finance processes — or any significant process — can generate exponential value for a company.
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Strategies for a pragmatic approach to AI in the insurance industry

While there is lot of hype around the possibilities of AI in insurance, there are important issues to consider that are specific to the highly regulated industry.
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Modern business processes: Delivered as a service and measured by business outcomes

Digitally transformed business processes accelerate agility and drive better business outcomes.

Partners and key collaborators


Gain agility and insights with scalable, cloud-enabled, SaaS enterprise applications.


Simplify and modernize SAP applications and accelerate innovation to reimagine your enterprise.


Move from task automation to hyper-automation using AI and other digital technologies.

Blue Prism

Unlock the power of human and digital workforce collaboration with an innovative intelligent automation platform.


Digitize AP and procurement processes, automate invoicing and scale without limits.