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energy network at night

Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas

Deploy digital technologies to create new data-driven products quickly, improve asset performance and health and safety compliance, and manage complex infrastructure amid growing demand.

Many of the world’s largest energy and utility companies entrust DXC to manage and modernize mission-critical systems, while also integrating new digital solutions to produce better outcomes. DXC is helping IT organizations provide safe, secure and reliable networks, efficient operations, timely and relevant information and protection from external threats.

Our industry and technology can support you in taking advantage of market opportunities, maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage and evolving and scaling through the ever-changing utility business models.

Accelerate your data-driven journey to enhance your company’s productivity, reduce downtime and drive new revenue opportunities.

“This technology journey from the old world to the new world — I’ve never done it before. I am designing everything from scratch. And at that point, having friends and partners like DXC Technology who’ve already been there, seen it and done it, is invaluable.”

Damian Bunyan
Chief Information Officer

Analytics and Engineering

Uniper and DXC harness automation to power energy evolution

Uniper collaborates with DXC to automate its back-office processes, saving valuable time and empowering the broader energy evolution.

Analytics and Engineering


Bayernwerk Netz GmbH turns AI MVPs into scalable, efficient and accurate solutions with DXC’s MLOps, saving thousands of euros annually.


Energy company improves employee experience, reduces costs by transforming HR and payroll systems

New Jersey’s largest diversified energy company implements single integrated HR and payroll transformation resulting in improved user experience, improved security and reduced operating costs.

Analytics and Engineering

Schleswig-Holstein Netz gets fast, accurate business intelligence with help from DXC

SH Netz tapped DXC to manage and modernize their mission-critical systems and integrate new digital solutions.


Insurance Software & BPS

Reinvent business processes, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience with a flexible, scalable platform backed by a team of BPO domain experts.

Analytics & Engineering

Redefine how your company generates and delivers power using real-time data and predictive maintenance solutions. Apply agile engineering, UX and UI design, artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics.


Accelerate productivity, drive operational resiliency and maintain business continuity through modernized applications, enabling your agility to meet changing regulations and future market demands.


Protect critical information and infrastructure with a disciplined approach. Stay ahead of adversaries, build resilience into your operations and become secure to the core.

Cloud Infrastructure

Generate and deliver energy more efficiently and cost effectively by embracing a modern operating model that emphasizes hybrid and multicloud integration and continuous optimization.

IT Outsourcing

Deploy reliable, optimized and secure mission-critical systems at lower cost. We manage and simplify your existing infrastructure investments and provide a way forward to modernize IT.

Modern Workplace

Enable real-time, remote collaboration between field technicians and experts without the need for your skilled workforce to be on site by using next-generation tools and technologies.

Q&A: How technology is helping energy suppliers light the path to a green future

The energy industry is undergoing massive change, with the decarbonization of energy being one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Driving better insights for ESG decision makers

Every leader in business must become an environmental, social and governance (ESG) decision maker. Being successful at delivering improved ESG outcomes for business and society requires moving beyond traditional ESG reporting, which fails to give the targeted, dynamic picture that business leaders need.

Digital technologies will propel decarbonization of the electrical grid

The way electrical grids develop and operate will be highly impacted by the growth in the electric car market and in heat pump adoption, as well as global warming and developments in self-consumption and renewables.