NelsonHall, a leading global analyst firm, ranked DXC as one of the leaders out of 13 IT services providers, network communication providers and consultancies in the overall market segment for cyber resiliency services.

DXC is at the forefront of bringing next-generation services to market at an enterprise scale, the NelsonHall report emphasized.

“DXC is positioned as a Leader in NelsonHall’s 2024 Cyber Resiliency Services NEAT evaluation due to its rich experience that has enabled the development of its blueprints, playbooks, and security platforms, supporting clients in meeting regulatory requirements and improving their overall cyber resiliency posture,” says Mike Small, Senior Analyst, NelsonHall.

NelsonHall highlighted some of DXC’s strengths, which include:

  • Holistic end-to-end security services integrated with end-to-end IT services
  • Quick implementations and estimations of service through detailed blueprints and work packages in our Cyber Reference Architecture (CRA)
  • Strong Microsoft security practice
  • Extremely wide network of cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and cyber forensic centers and staff

DXC believes these capabilities prepare it to help customers tackle key challenges pointed out by NelsonHall, including creating security by design, implementing zero trust strategies, managing security with supply chain and other partners, leveraging security features in existing platforms, and keeping up to date with changing cybersecurity and data privacy regulations across geographies and industries. NelsonHall noted that large clients rely on DXC to meet future regulations.

In addition to incorporating cyber resiliency services across our entire portfolio, DXC helps organizations respond to cyber security incidents as needed, followed by tabletop exercises and breach preparation services. Increasingly we are also supporting companies wanting to consolidate and update their cyber resiliency tools. Our strategic direction includes: 

  • Accelerating our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Amazon Security Lake
  • Building application security services related to the software bill of materials (SBOM)
  • Expanding our Microsoft security practice, including contextualizing data from Microsoft Copilot
  • Investing more deeply in digital identity services, including SaaS migrations and passwordless authentication
  • Incorporating GenAI security services through partnerships and enhanced capabilities

These goals anticipate some of NelsonHall’s overall expectations for GenAI security, biometric authentication by default and other cybersecurity advancements over the next five years. They also demonstrate our readiness to meet the growing cybersecurity risks NelsonHall foresees, including for manufacturers and retailers attempting to capture more customer data, shift to as-a-Service models, and incorporate more IoT/IoE, and for financial services providers faced with threats from quantum computing’s potential to crack current encryption methods.