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DXC helps manufacturers rapidly exploit the digital era. By aligning smart factory and Industry 4.0 concepts, our customers can manufacture their products faster, improve efficiencies and transform supply chains.

As manufacturers shift to the digital landscape, they face ongoing challenges in integrating new solutions with their existing IT systems and practices. DXC Technology helps our manufacturing customers meet these challenges by designing and deploying digital solutions at scale, modernizing their technology to improve production performance and maximize return on investment. Not only that, but DXC shares our expertise through our consulting services, workshops and proofs of concept, enabling our customers to efficiently and effectively plan for their migration. 

Our customers around the world benefit from our industry-leading partnerships and digital talent ecosystem, attaining innovative solutions with scale, speed and agility.

Fortune 500 companies trust DXC with their IT
More than 5 decades
DXC has a long and distinguished history of providing manufacturing software and services



“As a manufacturer, we need to consider both IT and OT security. Not only do we need to protect our IT environment, but we also need to secure the operational technologies that automate our manufacturing processes. We look to DXC to help instill security throughout the organization and identify ways to cost-effectively maintain our security posture.”

Rodney Masney
Chief Information Officer
O-I Glass



The road to smart manufacturing

A conversation with Russell Duggan-Rees, global chief technologist Smart Manufacturing, about how manufacturers can leverage next-generation "Industry 4.0" technology to improve production, supply chain, logistics and KPIs.

Cloud,Applications,IT Outsourcing,Analytics and Engineering

DXC partnerships boost major manufacturer’s transition to cutting-edge tech platform

The manufacturing company innovates by reducing costs through increased standardization across locations to become a more data-driven organization.

Applications,Cloud,IT Outsourcing,Security,Modern Workplace

Industrial technology company uses the latest tech to deliver energy-efficient solutions

This leading British industrial technology company needed to optimize operational costs, reduce technical debt and streamline processes to ensure the positive, transforming potential of technology in pioneering power that matters.

Cloud,Applications,IT Outsourcing,Modern Workplace

Alstom lays groundwork for more sustainable transportation

How DXC helped leading manufacturing company Alstom maintain its innovation edge by modernizing in the cloud the right way.

Analytics and Engineering

Novelis uses RPA to execute thousands of tasks and save thousands of hours

Automation technology helped Novelis reduce labor costs, improve efficiency and productivity saving them nearly 3,000 hours a year.


Insurance Software & BPS

Reduce costs, ensure business continuity and gain efficiencies by circumventing ongoing maintenance and operational costs. 

Analytics & Engineering

Discover data-driven insights and deploy complex software engineering at scale to drive the next-gen smart factories. 


Transform, develop, implement and manage your applications estate across legacy and modern enterprise, industry and cloud-native applications. 


Simplify and build cyber resilience into your factories and operations to be secure to the core and freed up to focus on business. 

Cloud Infrastructure

Operate your IT estate with scale, access valuable data insights, and innovate with speed and agility — all while maintaining business continuity and resiliency. 

IT Outsourcing

Scale-up or scale-down resources based on demand and optimize the workforce with cost-effective IT outsourcing that is simplified and optimizes IT estates.  

Modern Workplace

Create intelligent, digitally connected factories and workplaces leveraging next generation technology to increase productivity, attract and retain employees and drive efficiency — at scale. 

Using AWS Generative AI to improve defect detection in Manufacturing

Product quality control and surface area defect detection are crucial steps in the manufacturing process. Automating this process requires training computer vision models with vast amounts of images and input data that are often beyond the technical capabilities and resources of small- and medium-sized manufacturers. DXC and AWS have leveraged AWS Generative AI services to better train computer vision models to detect manufacturing defects. Learn more in this new blog by DXC’s Stoyan Boyukliyski, Srijani Dey and John Thuma.

Building the road map for Industry 4.0 technology Investment

In this white paper, IDC analyzes the swift-changing manufacturing environment that will compel many manufacturers to modernize their business and turn Industry 4.0 initiatives into full-scale deployments, in order to meet the challenge of managing increasing amounts of data from products, operations, and ecosystems.

Smart connected manufacturing

Manufacturers are discovering that the traditional way of doing business no longer supports success. Companies are looking to transform business models and build new value chains through smart manufacturing.

Manufacturing in a software-defined and platform-driven world

Manufacturers must find new ways to improve production efficiency. They must define a clear path to value and near-term ROI to justify more challenging investments to create new digital operating models.

It’s time to confront technical debt

Discover how to tackle technical debt as part of your modernization efforts. 

Explore Reframing Technical Debt

Read the DXC research report Embracing modernization: from technical debt to growth