Choosing a system integrator that excels at providing Identity and Access Management (IAM) is critical for organizations that are focused on delivering new digital initiatives and innovative services without disruption.

Enterprises need system integration partners with mature end-to-end services that accelerate digital transformation, enable business growth, protect digital assets, and demonstrate regulatory compliance. 

“Identity and Access Management is a core component of the enterprise IT infrastructure and central to protecting digital corporate assets,” according to a new report from KuppingerCole Analysts AG.

The technology reduces the attack surface by helping organizations move towards the “least privilege” principle recommended for a Zero Trust approach to security. “By enabling enterprises to manage and govern identities and the assets they are authorized to access, IAM can ensure that the right entities — including people, applications/workloads, and devices — can access the right resources at the right time, while preventing unauthorized access, a leading cause of data breaches.”

In KuppingerCole Analysts’ evaluation of 14 IAM system integrators serving customers in the European region, DXC Technology was named as an Overall Leader, based on a combined view of ratings for:

  • Service Leadership – providing functional strength and completeness of services.
  • Innovation Leadership – customer-oriented focus to meet evolving and emerging business requirements.
  • Market Leadership – an amalgamation of the number of customers, ratio between customers and services utilized, geographic distribution of customers, size of deployments and services, size and geographic distribution of the partner ecosystem and the company’s financial health.

IAM system integrators play a key role in unifying the IT infrastructure of an organization, providing a seamless framework for all IAM technologies to operate and fulfill an organization’s demands, the report notes. “An integrated IAM platform can help organizations modernize IT and achieve their goals for workforce productivity, customer satisfaction, stronger security, greater agility, and faster innovation,” it says.

DXC stood out as one of only 2 vendors to receive “Strong Positive” designations for security, functionality, service delivery, integrations and serviceability. “Strong Positive” indicates outstanding support for the subject area, such as product functionality, or outstanding position of the company, such as for financial stability. DXC also earned “Strong Positive” designations for financial strength (of the company), as well as innovativeness and ecosystem.  

More specifically, KuppingerCole Analysts point out capabilities such as DXC’s end-to-end approach for Identity and Access Management; availability of application development and operational services; partner ecosystem that includes Microsoft, ForgeRock, SailPoint, Okta, Thales, CyberArk, Oracle and IBM; 3,500+ security professionals; 80% on-time, on-budget completion rate; significant presence in the European market; and 24x7 support in most of the global languages.