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Streamline and grow with efficient, collaborative data engineering

DXC Data Engineering

Free up your teams to drive innovation and growth

DXC Data Engineering services and accelerators help you design, develop and maintain systems and infrastructure that facilitate the collection, storage, processing and analysis of large volumes of data. Data will flow through your IT and business systems with the elasticity and control you need, ensuring that your data-powered business functions are more rapid, flexible and reliable. Create pipelines and workflows to efficiently ingest, transform and cleanse data from diverse sources, ensuring its quality, reliability and accessibility for downstream analytics and decision-making processes. From infrastructure, versioning and automation, to data governance and performance monitoring, DXC delivers products and solutions with a proactive work style about tactical, mission-critical elements, enabling your teams to focus more on strategic business value and growth.

Data Engineering Overview

What's included

Improved operational efficiency

Enhance company planning and operations to reduce inefficiencies and apply automation. Optimize IT costs. Streamline supply chains, inventory and the cost of owning your data.

Faster, more efficient development of new products & services

Create product and experience development pipelines with a data-driven culture. Promote visibility and collaboration across departments and regions. Utilize AI/machine learning and enterprise software engineering methodologies. Create new and innovative products faster.

Increased customer & employee satisfaction

Improve customer acquisition and retention; enhance internal transparency and reporting to enable better, faster decision making. Analyze cohort preferences, market trends and patterns to build a more seamless customer experience. Revitalize sales, distribution or marketing with upsell and cross-sell potential, better margins and more satisfying digital tools and applications.


In complex data environments, businesses trust DXC as a partner to help them align with business needs through a comprehensive and adaptable strategy and architecture across IT, apps, people and data platforms. Define your roadmap to modernize data and analytics services for multiple business units. Assess new solutions for their true cost, usage and data flow patterns so that capabilities and tools are deployed smoothly with high adoption and satisfaction. DXC’s Hybrid Data Management Architecture services allow for incremental expansion and agility across multiple partner ecosystems for flexibility and growth.



DXC’s proprietary Data Ingestion Framework (DIF)  helps you develop and deploy data ingestion and transformation pipelines with drastically higher performance at a significantly reduced cost (see Figure 1). We ensure data accuracy, consistency and reliability throughout its lifecycle and adhere to data governance best practices. Our DIF is cloud-agnostic and is designed for co-innovation with customers. You get non-revocable access to the source code, including free access to updates and improvements.

Value delivered:

  • 50%+ cost reduction in data pipeline delivery
  • 12.5x reduction in adverse incidents resulting from bad data
  • 88% reduction in cost of handling incidents


Data Ingestion Framework

Figure 1. DXC Data Ingestion Framework (DIF)

Create a complete ecosystem that enables developers, data engineers, analysts and business owners to collaborate and communicate. Standardize, control and deploy data pipelines, and monitor costs, performance and business value. Your data will flow through systems with elasticity, agility and control. The result? Improved cost, security and risk management through agile development, deployment and operations.


Figure 1. DXC DataOps Advisory, Platform Development & Managed Services


Overcome fragmented ownership of your database footprint to reduce unnecessary spending and concentrate on transformation and growth. With Database as a Service (DBaaS), you can establish a central hub for database operations that gives you visibility into your database environment via dashboards and reporting, with near real-time metrics — both of which will increase your productivity by 5x. Build next-generation data fabric and data mesh architectures for managing data across a distributed landscape on AWSGoogle Cloud PlatformMicrosoft Azure and on-site infrastructure.

Leverage your data as an asset with systems, automation and improved processes that govern people. From regulatory compliance imperatives and policy transformation, to archival services and disaster recovery planning, you can implement automation and govern data more efficiently throughout its lifecycle. Our diverse partner ecosystem and decades of experience help you organize and standardize the tools connecting and managing your various data sources. 

89% reduction
in cost of ingestions deployment
92% defective containers
caught by Neural Network
3,000 days
of supply chain work saved

Who can benefit

Consider DXC Data Engineering for your business if:

  • You need to unify and standardize data from multiple sources to increase collaboration and efficiency across business teams, supply chains and applications.
  • You need to simplify data processing and management to adopt innovation, products or services.
  • You are responsible for enterprise-wide data and AI strategy, which requires increasing data literacy and promoting a culture of data-driven decision making.
  • You work with your CISO to strengthen security controls so that you can safely increase access to valuable types of data.


Leading businesses choose DXC for our global partner ecosystem, industry-specific data engineering expertise and relentless focus on delivering value fast. DXC has decades of data management and analytics experience, heavily focused on data-driven operations and services. Here's what you can expect when you work with us:

Holistic approach

DXC helps you focus on business values while we attend to mission-critical elements such as infrastructure, versioning, automation, data monitoring and observability, as well as performance monitoring.

Accelerator packages

Our data, analytics and AI accelerator packages provide rapid value and proven integration for easy access to the latest data and application ecosystems. 

Certified professionals

DXC has 20,000+ certified data & AI specialists working across 70 countries around the globe, implementing and managing our architectures that are reviewed and approved by leading cloud vendors.

❝ It's really important to provide visibility over the supply chain and spend. In segmenting data, our customers can identify where to put their resources and what to do with the categories and with the suppliers that they have. ❞ 

Andrea Bolden
Data Consulting Lead (UKI), DXC Technology

Source: The value of procurement data



DXC delivers Data Engineering services alongside many of our strategic partners and key collaborators:

Accelerate modernization and migration, manage costs and leverage advanced solutions from Generative AI to IoT platforms.
Ensure reliability for mission-critical systems, migrate and secure data more efficiently and deploy cutting-edge applications.
Modernize data and applications to leverage advanced Generative AI, IoT and platform-powered solutions for real business value.
Leverage data engineering, advanced analytics and AI with managed Databricks environments, subscription services and operational enhancements.
Deploy production-grade AI applications, and accelerate data science pipelines.
Better manage your Snowflake environments — and the data powering your deployments — to see business impact faster.
The value of procurement data

In one of the conversations of our Executive Data Series, Andrea Bolden, data consulting lead (UKI), discusses how leading organizations  including the Scottish Government — successfully leverage procurement data as an asset.

Commonly asked questions about Data Engineering

DataOps returns value from data and AI investments faster by ensuring predictable delivery and change management of data, data models and related artifacts. DataOps uses technology to facilitate and automate design, development, deployment and management of data with appropriate levels of governance, and uses metadata to improve the usability and value of data in a dynamic environment.

These can include:

  • Exploring: Disjointed initial consideration and investigation of DataOps without structured investment or commitment
  • Experimenting: Implementing DataOps in silos (per system) to address gaps, as well as performing pilots and proofs of concept (PoC)
  • Operationalizing: Transforming succesful pilots and PoCs into scaled and enterprise-wide solutions
  • Running: Continuously running implemented DataOps practices across the entire ecosystem as daily business

Our quickstart deployment scripts provide ready-to-use DataOps configurations for the dominant cloud vendors. Our strategic partnerships with Databricks, Dell Technologies, Nvidia, Snowflake and industry data platform providers makes us a valuable partner for navigating the everchanging options for tools and partners.