Community and People Impact

DXC is working to improve the lives of our employees, and the communities in which we live and work.

Here are just a few of our leading projects and efforts.

Employee Development at DXC

At DXC, we invest in the progress of our employees. These investments include:

  • DXC Learning, our online learning platform, that served some 4 million learning hours in 2022 to more than 130,000 of our employees.
  • DXC Technologist Reskilling, a program that has helped more than 31,100 of our employees complete advanced training in next-generation technologies and approaches, including agile development, cloud and virtualization.
  • DXC Global Innovation and Delivery Centers, where our employees work with customers to co-develop innovative solutions to pressing business problems.
  • DXC Technology Awards and DXC Tech Honors, which encourage our employees to engage in innovative thinking, advanced technology expertise and future-ready solutions for our clients.
  • SheLEADS@DXC, a virtual leadership program for women in India that helps build a diverse talent pipeline. SheLeads@DXC enables our rising women leaders to hone their leadership capabilities in areas such as business insights, networking and navigating within the organization, digital dexterity, mindset growth, creating a personal brand, and driving results and change.

DXC India Foundation

The DXC India Foundation aims to improve the social mobility of underrepresented/underprivileged groups by collaborating with nonprofit partners on fostering digital literacy and the learning of new skills, particularly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Our balanced, integrated approach enables the greatest impact in areas of major importance to DXC, including:

  • Education: Fostering global literacy, with a focus on STEM learning for children from kindergarten to college age
  • Health and wellness: Enhancing people’s health and wellness at a local and global level, with a focus on veterans, people with disabilities, and challenges related to child hunger and poverty
  • Disaster relief: Supporting emergency assistance to those in need, after a disaster or period of crisis or trauma

DXC Dandelion

At DXC, we’re reimagining neurodiversity. The DXC Dandelion Program helps individuals on the autism spectrum build valuable IT skills and careers. The program combines robotics with commercial IT industry teaching and methodologies to help participants develop technical, life and executive functioning skills. To date, we have established 10 DXC Dandelion teams across Australia, working within DXC’s public and private sector clients, to employ more than 120 people on the autism spectrum. The program expanded into the United Kingdom in June 2021, with future expansion plans for Asia, United States and Europe.

Meet Marvel-Us

If you go to the DXC Rijswijk (Netherlands) canteen, you’ll meet Marvel-Us staff. Partnering with Middin, an organization that helps people with disabilities or acquired brain injuries, DXC offers a unique position and place to learn and develop catering and cleaning skills in a corporate work environment. All members of the Marvel-Us team running the canteen and managing coffee corner suffer non-congenital brain disorder. Our Dutch colleagues are managing the team in their spare time. The social benefit is undisputable. The Marvel-Us concept is a place to connect, share and learn, it’s appreciated by colleagues and customers who experience the canteen.

DXC and Earth Day - Investing in our planet

Our global teams are dedicated to making a meaningful difference for our planet. We participate in various local environmental initiatives, such as cleaning up parks, beautifying beaches and planting trees. It's not just about our actions; it's about our shared commitment to creating a greener world.

We foster a culture of open dialogue, regularly discussing and exchanging ideas to enhance our collective efforts. Learning from each other's best practices, we've built a strong network of environmentally conscious individuals. We inspire and drive positive transformations in the communities where we operate.

Every day, we strive to make a lasting impact, turning our shared vision into reality. For us, every day is Earth Day, and we're proud to be part of a global movement that contributes to a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

DXC global Legal team wins Thomson Reuters award for pro bono work

The Thomson Reuters Foundation recently named DXC Technology’s global Legal team the winner of its 2022 TrustLaw "In-house Legal Team of the Year" Award for offering pro bono expertise on a range of projects that promote inclusion and human rights and support communities.

Around the globe, DXC Legal team members are donating their time, legal knowledge and skills through pro bono or free work because they’re passionate about helping others and advancing causes they care about to improve our world. With some exceptions, they undertake charitable endeavors predominantly through NGOs and social enterprises aiming to solve complex problems and change lives. 

DXC supports digital literacy with Iberia Codes contest

DXC volunteers in Iberia are making a difference in the lives of children by promoting digital literacy via a coding contest. This fun and collaborative initiative to awaken and foster children’s interest in and passion for technology helps them develop and hone their computational thinking skills using a STEM approach.

DXC’s First Nations Program in Australia

The vision of DXC’s First Nations Program in Australia is to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their communities in achieving self-determination and proportional representation in all areas of our society. DXC strives to realize this vision by working with First Nations community groups and businesses, to identify and support the outcomes and endeavors they wish to achieve.