Cyber defense

Defend your enterprise from security breaches by quickly detecting, responding to and remediating attacks.

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As the threat landscape continues to expand, enterprises are challenged to build resilient cyber defenses and maintain the skills needed to manage advanced monitoring tools and a growing volume of events.

DXC cyber defense services can help. We leverage proprietary threat intelligence gained from our deep relationships with customers, partners and government agencies. DXC experts operate a global network of security operations centers delivering proactive security event and incident detection, rapid incident response and recovery management to minimize breaches and disruptions.

Key capabilities

Incident response and breach management services to ensure rapid detection, response and remediation

24x7 security monitoring and threat hunting services

Threat intelligence services tailored to your business and industry to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and red team-blue team exercises led by our experienced ethical hackers

“DXC ensures that our cloud workloads remain secure by monitoring our environment in real time and ensuring that any strange behavior is evaluated and assessed to see if a response is required. DXC makes sure we have the right information security at all times.”

Francisco Fraga
Campbell Soup Company

Customer story


Agency deployed advanced monitoring, analytics and machine learning tools to quickly identify and act on threats.

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