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DXC Security Threat Intelligence Report

Stay up to date on the latest threats, vulnerabilities and nation-state activities.

Mark Hughes, president of Security, DXC

Let’s make threat actors work harder

Almost all attacks start with simple techniques. We need to level the playing field by doing security basics well.


Daixin Team extorts HPH organizations

A new ransomware and data extortion group is extensively targeting the Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) sector.


Only 500K passwords used in nearly all cyberattacks

We’re choosing common passwords that make it too easy for hackers to crack. Find out if yours are on the RockYou2021 list of leaked credentials.


Password-stealing Oakbot trojan drops second-stage payload

In an attempt to bypass Microsoft’s efforts to block downloaded macros, Black Basta is using malware to deploy software as a second-stage payload.

By the numbers

Every 14 seconds
companies are targeted by a ransomware attack
$300 billion
cybersecurity market expected by 2024
76% of organizations
experienced at least one cyberattack in 2021
A 42% global increase in cyberattacks
was seen in the first half of 2022
of ransomware attacks attempted to infect backup repositories and 88% of those were successful
1 in 5
organizations did NOT pay ransom but were able to recover their data


Typosquatting websites trick Android users

A current phishing campaign impersonates Google Wallet, PayPal and Snapchat domains to trick users into downloading malware.


Apple fixes high-severity vulnerability

Apple has patched a high-severity, remote execution vulnerability in the operating system of fully up-to-date iPhones and iPads.

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DXC Security Snapshot

In this month’s edition of DXC Security Snapshot, Deborah Caldwell, global alliances lead, Security Sales at DXC, and Kevin Whartenby, global lead, Cyber Threat Intelligence at DXC, discuss the difference between the deep web and dark web, and the threats that lie beneath the surface. 


Oracle issues 370 new security patches

New patches address multiple security vulnerabilities in Oracle code and third-party components.


Cryptojacking campaign targets cloud servers

A new Kiss-a-dog cryptojacking campaign targets vulnerable Docker and Kubernetes cloud servers.
online shopper adding credentials


Beware of fake DHL phishing websites

DHL has replaced LinkedIn as the most imitated brand for stealing personal information in fake website scams.


Six new vulnerabilities could cause havoc

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) adds Cisco AnyConnect and GIGABYTE vulnerabilities to its KEV catalog.



DXC Security Threat Intelligence Report

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Other news

Unofficial patch for MotW Windows vulnerability

Opatch has released an unofficial patch for an actively exploited security flaw in Microsoft Windows that lets files signed with malformed signatures bypass Mark-of-the-Web (MotW) protection.

New Cranefly techniques for hacking transactions

Cranefly espionage hackers that target employees dealing with corporate transactions have now been linked to a new backdoor called Danfuan. The previously unseen malware executes received C# code.

Windows worm now sells access to endpoints

The Raspberry Robin worm, which spreads to Windows systems through USB drives, is becoming an access-as-a-service malware for deploying other payloads to thousands of endpoints. 

1.9 million customers’ data exposed in breach

Medibank, one of the largest Australian private health insurance providers, disclosed that an October 26th  breach exposed all of its customer data, including health claims and personal information.

Ukrainian arrested in Racoon Stealer operation

The U.S. has charged a 26-year-old Ukrainian national with participating in a Raccoon Stealer malware-as-a-service (MaaS) operation that has helped steal 50 million unique credentials globally.

FTC sues company for security shortcuts

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sued education technology company Chegg for exposing the sensitive information of millions of students in four data breaches in three years.

Hacker steals 130 Dropbox GitHub repositories

Threat actors used credentials stolen in a phishing attack to steal 130 code repositories from one of Dropbox’s GitHub accounts with information about employees, customers, sales leads and vendors.  

Hacker charged for dark web marketplace

The U.S. has charged a 34-year-old UK national for operating The Real Deal, which sold hacking tools and stolen login credentials, including for U.S. agencies, Twitter and LinkedIn.