DXC SPARK IoT for Manufacturing

Enabling Industry 4.0 imperatives in manufacturing with IoT innovation in the cloud

Opportunities in Manufacturing

What to expect over the next three years:

  • Fast-paced innovation will be backed by artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, quantum computing and SaaS solutions including SAP
  • New As-a-Service, intelligent automation, design and user experience, digital ways of working and sharing economy solutions will emerge
  • Internet of Things solutions such as AWS IoT cloud services – layered with edge computing, private LTE, 5G – will be dominant technology platforms


DXC Technology and AWS have curated DXC SPARK IoT for Manufacturing. We collaborate with our clients to spearhead enterprise-wide Industry 4.0 initiatives and digital transformation, with support for end-to-end integration with systems of record including SAP.

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Better productivity
Greater agility
Improved ESG
Speed to market


DXC SPARK IoT for Manufacturing

Learn how our proven, industry-specific innovations and solutions help companies increase dynamic response to market opportunities and drive operational efficiency.

Industry 4.0 Mindset

Sixty percent of manufacturing tasks can be automated. Discover how DXC provides the reference architecture to support the transition.