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It's time to elevate the Modern Workplace experience

In today’s evolving business landscape, a fresh perspective on the employees' technology experience is essential. The focus must be on gaining holistic, end-to-end views of experiences. ​

DXC’s Experience Management solution helps you take control of your employees' technology experience, positioning your business for a better tomorrow. With our innovative Experience Cube methodology, businesses gain a 360-degree view of the workplace — harnessing operational and experience data to drive real-time insights and intelligence that can be used to evolve services for continuous improvement.

By enabling the next generation of employee-focused outcomes, businesses will be able to improve the employee experience, boost productivity and optimize their technology investments.

Unleashing the power of XLAs for true employee delight

Join us in our informative on-demand webinar to discover how optimizing the employee experience unlocks the path to unparalleled employee engagement and operational excellence.

Employees who feel their current technology allows them to be as productive as possible
Employees worldwide who feel engaged at work
Organizations with well-designed employee experiences are high-performing in workforce productivity
Increase in productivity for engaged employees

“Working with DXC has empowered Vale to make experience our competitive advantage by focusing more on the employees’ technology experience and learning how critical it is in terms of business outcomes. We have more retention, we have safer people, we have more productivity and we have better business results.”

— Helio Mosquim, North Region Technology Director, Vale
DXC Technology has been recognized by Gartner® as a Leader in the 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Outsourced Digital Workplace Services. We believe that this recognition is a testament to our committment to delivering excellence to our customers and colleagues.


Get a true measure of the employee experience

Rethink your approach to experience management to boost employee retention and business competitiveness. The DXC Experience Cube methodology helps companies harness the opportunity to support continuous improvement by leveraging end-to-end views of experiences.


DXC puts the employee experience first with a modern workplace

DXC has modernized its workplace, putting employee experience at the center. Now, our virtual first employees can work, connect and collaborate — seamlessly and securely — without disruption.


Carrying out a mission to enhance the employee experience

In this Q&A Kristie Grinnell, DXC Technology's senior vice president and CIO, provides her perspective on how DXC’s journey to delivering an employee-centric environment has evolved.


Elevate the Modern Workplace experience

Learn more about how DXC Technology and Qualtrics collaborate to optimize the employee experience.