Responsible Supply Chain

DXC Technology’s suppliers form an integral part of our sustainability strategy. That’s why we have established the DXC Responsible Supply Chain Principles. These principles speak to the commitments we make to our customers and the relationships we build, based on trust and personal responsibility. They establish our standards for conducting business.


The DXC Responsible Supply Chain Principles cover six main categories: 

  • Respect for the basic human rights of employees 
  • Enforcing labor standards and prohibiting child labor 
  • Prohibition of corruption and bribery 
  • Environmental protection 
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Systems and processes to ensure success in these areas

DXC also expects its suppliers to adhere to relevant national, regional and international laws and standards. These cover human rights, health and safety, fair labor practices, conflict minerals, the environment, bribery and corruption, and equality.  

We routinely assess the performance of our key suppliers. In this way, we can evaluate their compliance with our principles. And when we identify gaps in a supplier’s compliance, we work with that supplier to fill these gaps.