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DXC has been acknowledged for our client retention, scale of operations, great skills and expertise, as well as our ability to craft deals to maximize client support. In addition to being recognized with three Market Leader positions, ISG also recognized DXC with a Rising Star Award in Mainframe Modernization Services. 

Among the market leadership citations awarded in the 2023 Provider Lens™ Mainframe Services and Solutions Quadrant Report, ISG has named DXC Technology a market leader in the U.S. for Mainframe Application
Modernization and Transformation Services, Mainframe as a service (MFaaS), and Mainframe Operations, indicating a comprehensive product and service offering, innovative strength and competitive stability. The report highlights DXC’s “16 data centers in the U.S., wide range of  choices in mainframe location, connectivity and disaster recovery, management of more than 160 IBM z/Series mainframe platforms, accounting for a capacity of more than 911,000 MIPS globally. DXC has more than 200 technology partners, including IBM, Micro Focus and Red Hat."

The report defines leaders as having a "comprehensive product and service offering, a strong market presence and established competitive position. The product portfolios and competitive strategies of Leaders are strongly positioned to win business in the markets covered by the study. The  Leaders also represent innovative strength and competitive stability."

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