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DXC and IBM help our customers address key IT challenges, from adopting new technology and adapting legacy systems, to modernizing applications and turning large volumes of data into meaningful information.

DXC and IBM partnership at a glance

Critical, complex business and IT challenges addressed

Technology to maximize your return on investment

Drive out cost, increase IT performance, migrate to as-a-service environments and modernize technology to transform business

Accelerate transition to the cloud for enterprise customers


Improving efficacy of AI models during times of business disruption 

Reinforcement learning and deep reinforcement learning lead to greater insights when conditions are changing.

Cognitive computing: A powerful enabler of insurance customer service

Cognitive computing can transform the CSR role in the insurance industry as we further identify what humans and machines do best.

Combating insurance fraud with AI

AI-powered application enhances claims fraud detection, management, operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Data & Analytics

Deliver actionable insights from enterprise data. Unlock new business opportunities by combining IBM’s high-performance data platforms and analytic tools with DXC’s industry and business expertise.


DXC is the largest independent mainframe services provider in the world, and partners with IBM to provide customers with a stable, simplified mainframe platform.

Insurance Software & BPS

DXC is using cognitive technology from IBM Watson to transform the customer experience by improving access, speed and accuracy for customer inquiries.


DXC has been honored with many awards from partners celebrating excellence delivered to our customers.


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About IBM

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IBM is a global technology and innovation company with more than 375,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries. IBM is much more than a “hardware, software, services” company. IBM has transformed itself into a leading cognitive solutions and cloud platform company.