Message from the CEO

“Our transformation journey is well underway with clear results that illustrate our commitment to delivering excellence.”

Mike Salvino
President and CEO
DXC Technology

I hope you and your families are doing well.

Let me start by thanking our DXC customers and colleagues for the trust they have placed in us. Our transformation journey is well underway with clear results that illustrate our commitment to delivering excellence.

We are proud to have launched our new brand, which gives clear meaning to the letters “DXC”: “Delivering eXcellence for our Customers and Colleagues.”

Our brand is innovative. Our new logo has two arrows pointing to the X, reminding us to deliver excellence in everything we do for our customers and colleagues. We also introduced our new core values: Deliver, Collaborate, Community, Care, and Do the right thing. This is truly a “new DXC.”

We have been running a structured playbook, which is our proven methodology for how we transform a company to deliver sustainable growth. The stabilization phase was completed in FY21.

In FY21, starting with our colleagues, we moved from a workforce that was not engaged to one that is now engaged and inspired. Concerning our customers, we went from challenged accounts to building a level of customer intimacy where we are delivering, building strong partnerships and being proactive. We have simplified our operating model and changed the direction of our revenues and margins from declining to improving. We are winning in the market, and we significantly decreased our debt, taking our balance sheet from highly leveraged to strengthened. These efforts are leading to stable revenue growth, improved margins and continued success in the market. We are on the right trajectory.

As the world witnesses the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus continues to be on our people. I am proud of the dedication and perseverance of our team as they continue to take care of themselves, each other and their families, and deliver for our customers.

At the beginning of the outbreak, we enabled 99% of our people worldwide to work virtually and opened a COVID-19 Command Center that still runs 24/7. Employees have access to virtual mental health services and other resources. We have conducted mental health awareness and resiliency sessions and augmented our Employee Assistance Program globally. Where possible, in severely impacted geographies, we have increased health insurance benefits and deployed other specific support. And where necessary and permitted, we are facilitating access to vaccines in support of government roll-outs.

In closing, I am pleased with the momentum that we have achieved and confident we will continue to deliver excellence for our customers and colleagues in FY22 and the longer term. FY22 will be the year we build the foundation for growth. We will retain and continue to attract talent, and we will build on our customer intimacy to deliver revenue stability and continue to win in the market, all while we expand margins and deliver increased free cash flow.

Thank you for your trust and commitment to DXC.


Mike Salvino
President and Chief Executive Officer

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