UK Public Sector Frameworks

Government frameworks are designed to simplify procurement procedures and grant public sector entities access to a diverse pool of pre-vetted suppliers who operate under pre-negotiated terms and conditions.

DXC's active engagement in these frameworks empowers us to extend our knowledge and solutions to government departments and agencies spanning various industries. Our participation in these frameworks serves to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of government procurement procedures, ultimately serving the interests of public sector organisations and delivering tangible value to the citizens they serve.

Through our inclusion in these frameworks, DXC Technology underscores its unwavering commitment to bolstering the digital transformation and addressing the IT requirements of the UK government.

Meet the team

Iain Majury

Director Account General Manager

Iain has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry using customer insight, vision and value perception to deliver pro-active solutions and achieving transformational results for DXC customers.

Chris Hayes

UKPS Framework Integration Lead

Chris has a wealth of experience across UKPS having worked within this space for over 20 years. Should you have any framework enquiries, Chris would be more than happy to support you.

Jonathan Ladipo

Technology Lead

Jonathan is a business-focused technology principal with 30 years' experience helping customers in oil & gas, financial markets, telecoms, and government to achieve success through the innovative use of technology. 

New frameworks awarded

EntServ UK Limited trading as DXC Technology has recently been Awarded a place on Both Lot 4b & 4c of the CCS Network Service Framework.

Lot 4b: Digital Communication Services (Unified Communications)

Access to digital communications services. Including but not limited to:

  • IP telephony, unified communications, collaborative software application including audio and video conferencing and business enablement application software
  • design, survey, build, management, support and maintenance services including transformation support for the replacement and upgrade from analogue to digital estates
  • Internet Protocol (IP) telephony services with the ability to make and receive multimedia messaging over an IP based network service
  • consistent user interface for voice, video and data services allowing the full integration of these services within a single user device
  • audio and video conferencing capability within the UC suite based on collaborative application

Lot 4c: Contact Centre Solutions

Access to inbound and/or outbound contact centre management including automation and queuing to multiple answering points.

  • design, survey, build, test and deployment delivery and management, plus support and maintenance services
  • supply/support of equipment, commodity and managed services
  • omnichannel customer experience platforms

This particular Framework allows for Direct Award, Catalogue and Further competition or Aggregation

Both of which are due to Expire: 22/05/2025

EntServ UK Limited trading as DXC Technology has recently been Awarded a place on lots 1, 2 & 3 of the NHS SBS Cyber Security Services Framework.

This new framework offers external support services to help NHS and wider public sector organisations manage cyber risks and recover in the event of a cyber security incident. Through design, delivery, testing, governance and assurance it enables service continuity in patient care by ensuring patient data is secured and critical services and systems remain available.

Lot 1: Emergency Cyber Incident Management

Includes provision of urgent incident response capability for large-scale or local incidents, with the ability to quickly draw down expert skills and resource 24/7/365. Particularly useful to support incident control, containment, resolution and remediation in the event of a Cyber Security Incident.

Lot 2: Cyber Consultancy Services

Delivers specialist support needed to enhance an organisation’s cyber credentials, including Data Security On-Site Assessments, Security Testing, Technical Assurance, Forensics and Investigations, Policy Development, Awareness and Training. Particularly useful for any organisation that has a requirement to access ad-hoc or ongoing advisory support often strategic in nature with well-defined outcomes.

Lot 3: Security Personnel

Includes supply of specialist personnel to support and augment existing in-house capability. Requirements are anticipated to be wide ranging and of a more routine nature. This lot will ultimately support organisations to reduce their exposure to threats, improve security defences and provide resource support to respond to cyber incidents.

This Framework allows Direct Award and is due to expire: 11/05/2024

EntServ UK Limited trading as DXC Technology has recently been awarded a place on Lot 1 (Core Services), Lot 2 (Value-Added Ancillary Services) & Lot 4 (Cloud Secure+) of the Cloud Compute 2 Framework.

As part of a select group of multi-vendor suppliers, DXC Technology will contribute its extensive expertise of delivering Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to government entities through this framework agreement that give transparent, fair value to public sector customers.

PaaS provides platform tools needed to create applications that will provide a service over the internet and IaaS provides compute, storage, networking and other capabilities. The multi-year Framework award not only bolsters DXC Technology’s presence across an array of Framework agreements but also reflects the significance of DXC Technology's role in providing key government entities with platform tools to create applications and providing compute, storage, networking, and other capabilities to suit the requirements of each individual end-customer.

"We are pleased to be chosen by Crown Commercial Services to provide our professional services under the Cloud Compute 2 Framework," said Iain Majury, Director Account General Manager at DXC Technology. "This collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering advanced solutions to government entities through framework agreements that meet each entities specific requirements”.

All Framework Lots awarded are expected to expire November 2026.

This Framework allows for direct award and further competition routes to market.

EntServ UK Limited trading as DXC Technology has recently been Awarded a place on Lot 2 of the CCS Digital and IT Professional Services (DIPS) Framework.

Lot 2 will enable DXC to provide the following key services to suppliers: Dev. Apps, UX, Dev Ops, Sys Design & App Support

This Framework enables DXC to bid for specialist work which includes the development and support of customers’ requirements such as applications, software and the application of systems theory to MOD product development.

Some of the roles expected to be sourced within this lot are: Software Developers, Microsoft Database Designers, Data Engineers, CRM Technical Specialists, Users Experience Designers, Solution Architects, Java DevOps Engineers and Microsoft DevOps Engineers.

This Framework is due to expire on 16/11/2027