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United to Deliver Excellence

DXC and Manchester United
building a new era on and off
the pitch

Hear from Attiq Qureshi, CDIO at Manchester United, on work DXC is doing to support their ambitious digital transformation plans.

DXC is proud to partner with Manchester United

As the team’s Digital Transformation Partner, DXC will work with United to improve the way its 1.1 billion fans around the world engage with the club, as well as to enhance its daily business operations. 

DXC is also the Presenting Partner of Manchester United Foundation, committed to building a new era off the pitch, including mentoring young people in the community, instructing on new technologies and teaching skills for future technology careers.

A Fortune 500 global IT services leader, DXC has a history of innovation and the ability to deliver business outcomes that make an impact on day one.

Empowering young people

In partnership with Manchester United Foundation, DXC is building from shared values to inspire young people to realise their potential through hands-on tech workshops and game day activities. DXC also launched the Digital Futures Academy, a four-year educational program connecting young people to opportunities they may not otherwise have access to, enhancing their career prospects and shaping the future of work in our communities. Learn more in the videos below.


See students describe the impact of the Digital Futures Academy after year 1.

Hear from Erik Ten Hag about how the Academy will help students create a vision for their future.

Employees and participants describe the impact of the first joint workshops and tech talks.

See how DXC is bringing Manchester United fans around the world shoulder-to-shoulder with the club they love.

Transformative teamwork

Manchester United has a history of greatness — and a future focused on perfection. Throughout its 144-year heritage, the team has won 66 trophies, including a record 20 English League titles.

The most popular Premier League club on the planet, Manchester United is unified by the unfailing support of its fans and sponsors, and is looking forward to continuing its legacy with DXC by its side.

The game-changing power of technology

Engineers at green energy facilities

A strategy to win

Providing future-ready IT, data architecture and cloud services, DXC Technology helps the world’s most important companies succeed in a shifting market.
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Mission-critical performance

Our modern IT solutions enable business leaders to be company champions by leveraging data more efficiently, unlocking new business opportunities, and accelerating their digital transformation.

Delivering excellence

DXC is committed to delivering excellence for our customers and colleagues and empowering a better future for people and the planet. 

Expert insights on turning goals into wins

With the world more digitally connected than ever, business moves faster than ever. To stay a step ahead, organisations must adapt and innovate. To achieve agility, today’s leaders are focusing on the following factors of accelerated change.

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A platform for growth

Creating data pipelines that interconnect with digital platforms helps companies deliver exactly what their customers want, when they want it.
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Better data for better decision making

The three states of decision making — Discover, Develop and Defend — are crucial for breaking down silos and making smarter, data-driven decisions.
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Truly sustainable sustainability

In a digitally connected world, the circular economy and sustainability are more important than ever. The right technology can help organisations grow with care.