DXC provides a full range of AWS Service Delivery Program capabilities backed by our deep technical knowledge, experience and proven success in delivering AWS services to customers.

AWS CloudFormation

DXC has placed AWS CloudFormation services front and center in its approach for automated deployment of customer landing zones and applications. DXC can standup new environments 60 percent faster and meet customer expectations for a rapid implementation. Services include:

  • Infrastructure as code. We deploy solutions in cloud at scale and geo-proximate locations to meet customers’ global infrastructure needs using AWS CloudFormation templates. Drawing upon AWS recommendations and best practices, DXC-crafted templates ensure security and consistency and provide several deployment patterns to yield desired levels of high availability and responsiveness.
  • Integrated security standards. DXC standards, such as security, best practices, monitoring and tagging are codified in DXC-crafted templates and provide a central point of enforcement. In combination with deployment automation, we provide a higher level of confidence around security.
  • Orchestration. Infrastructure and application deployment are automated using CloudFormation stacks through CI/CD pipelines with parameterized environmental variables to ensure proper configuration management from AWS resources to parts of the application stack. This enables faster development cycles, with deployment to test/stage and production, yielding better time to market for application workloads.
  • Less business disruption. Where other resilience mechanisms in AWS are overcome by circumstances, automation via CI/CD Pipeline using CloudFormation enables rapid recovery of services with the potential for minimal disruption of applications.


AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager is a core element of DXC delivery for AWS. Used in conjunction with our ITIL platform, DXC delivers excellence with centralized and automated control of hybrid cloud environments and strict alignment with ITIL processes and operational metrics. Services include:

  • Secure remote management. To centralize access control to the instance and enforce audit controls, DXC improves security and audit accessibility with AWS Session Manager, reduces the need for shell access with AWS System Manager Automation and Run command, and automates the creation and deployment of patch sets on a per-workload basis using Patch Manager. DXC can enable patch set creation for OS only or OS and application, and can set up to auto-deploy, scheduled or permit gating by customer approval. DXC can utilize the step function to create workflows for patch deployment and custom reporting based on customer requirements.
  • Automation. Repeated IT operations and management tasks are automated with Systems Manager using predefined and custom playbooks to reduce operational overhead across multiple accounts aligned with approval workflow.
  • Centralized application and operation management. OpsCenter is used as part our delivery approach toward operational efficiency by leveraging the centralized view of operational issues. This helps us investigate and resolve issues on time and by focusing on OpsItem, and significantly reduces the mean time to resolutions (MTTR).


AWS Relational Database Service (RDS)

DXC professional services, migration and modernization teams recognize Amazon RDS as a critical element in making workloads cloud native. DXC partners with AWS to help customers transform outcomes for their databases and state stores. Services include:

  • Support for RDS based on customer requirements. DXC managed database services are available across different Amazon RDS database engines based on customer need:
    • RDS for Oracle
    • RDS for SQL Server
    • RDS for MySQL
    • Amazon Aurora
    • RDS for PostgreSQL
    • RDS for MariaDB
  • Improving database operations. Repeated IT operations and management tasks are automated with Systems Manager using predefined and custom playbooks to reduce operational overhead across multiple accounts aligned with approval workflow.
  • Optimized RDS operation management. DXC infrastructure automation captures appropriate configurations to build an optimized deployment. Our managed database services provide secure and scalable solutions catering to customer needs. DXC can deploy and configure Amazon RDS to provide the best return-to-operation times with multi-region setups.


AWS Transfer Family

DXC has been deploying highly secure applications landscapes for the financial and other regulated industries using AWS Transfer Family. The solution automates the secure file transfer process and batch operations using AWS cloud-native services as part of our DXC Managed Service offering. AWS Transfer Family is based on a PaaS offering, resulting in a highlight automated environment. 

  • Industry-focused solution. Deploying solutions in the financial and healthcare domain often comes with limitations, as the applications are not always API-driven, and data exchange using flat files remain the standard way of sharing information between applications. DXC has developed highly scalable, secure and robust solutions to address the gap using the AWS Transfer Family to perform secure file transfer.
  • AWS PaaS service. A fully managed AWS service to transfer files into and out of storage or file systems over the following protocols:
    • Secure Shell (SSH) File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) – (AWS Transfer for SFTP)
    • File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS) – (AWS Transfer for FTPS)
    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – (AWS Transfer for FTP)
  • Security and integration.  Fully integrated with AWS cloud-native solutions, allowing us to develop more automation with a No-Ops approach. Enabled with E2E data encryption, audit trails, and scanning. Integrates easily with Amazon S3, EFS File System, SSO, and API Gateway. Helps with financial industry and other regulatory compliance.
  • Administration. Fully-managed service; patch installation, client and server management, and OS management are all administered by AWS, which helps to reduce administrative overheads.  

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