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DXC Assure Commercial and Specialty

Modernize systems to quickly launch new products, unlock new markets, improve customer experience, gain meaningful data insights, and achieve operational efficiencies.

Commercial and Specialty insurers and MGAs of all sizes and in all regions require solutions that allow them to be nimble, adaptable, customer-focused and able to embrace and leverage an ever-changing technology landscape.

DXC Assure Commercial and Specialty meets these needs, providing an integrated, cloud-enabled, API and microservice best-of-breed ecosystem approach to deliver services across the end-to-end insurance life cycle.

Deployed on the DXC Assure Digital Platform, it combines customer engagement, self-service, digital business services and analytics, a high degree of no-code configurability, and emerging technologies such as AI/ML and Blockchain. In addition, DXC Assure Commercial and Specialty aligns with the Future at Lloyd’s digital transformation journey.

#1 provider
of core insurance systems
40+ years
of innovation in the insurance industry
insurance customers globally

DXC’s core insurance software supports nearly 50% of London Market business flowing through the DXC joint venture.

DXC Assure Commercial and Specialty, a modular solution deployed on the open DXC Assure Digital Platform, encompasses the following modules and capabilities:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Policy administration
  • Product configuration
  • Billing
  • Claims
  • Reinsurance
  • Finance and credit control
  • Work queue task management
  • REST API and integration framework
  • ACORD EBOT/ECOT compatibility

DXC's heritage software for commercial and specialty insurance

DXC fully supports and is guiding transformation journeys around these heritage software offerings. DXC is also investing in surround solutions, such as DXC Assure Market Link, to preserve and extend our customers’ use of these solutions and help ensure the market is prepared for Blueprint Two changes. Additionally, DXC provides options for future adoption of our latest technology at a time that suits your business.

  • Xuber Enterprise
  • Xuber for Insurers / MGA
  • Global XII
  • Xuber Xposure

“Legacy-free technology is fundamental to Mosaic’s model, and our collaboration with DXC represents the first insurtech operating platform of its kind. We believe it gives us a tremendous advantage.”

Mitch Blaser
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Mosaic Insurance

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