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Banking and Capital Markets Software

Software and services for banking and capital markets across customer experience, efficiency, payments disruption, governance, risk and compliance — delivered reliably for over 40 years

DXC’s Hogan suite of products has been a powerhouse in the banking industry for more than four decades and is the primary core banking application currently used by 40+ banks and card processors worldwide. Processing $5 trillion in global deposits, Hogan is a highly robust and scalable core banking solution.

DXC EarlyResolution is a best-in-class solution for consumer lending default management. EarlyResolution automates and streamlines the entire loan default process from initial contact through underwriting and settlement. Highly configurable, EarlyResolution provides a deep audit trail and single source of truth throughout the entire default management process.

Having delivered software and services into the banking industry for more than four decades, DXC has an unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

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