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Mainframe modernization

Simplify and optimize your existing mainframe platform.

Unlock your mainframe value

Modernize your mainframe estate with our team of cross functional experts performing a 360⁰ review of future mainframe options and presenting a solution that protects existing investments while forging a path to modernize and transform your mainframe estate.

5,600 experts managing mainframe infrastructure and applications 24/7

30% reduction in application costs through automation

70,000 workloads transformed annually

Hundreds of successful mainframe migrations, and 1 million MIPS

Customer stories

Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

American Airlines

American Airlines modernizes by moving from old mainframes and onto new and modern infrastructure.


Industrial technology company

This leading British industrial technology company needed to optimize operational costs, reduce technical debt and streamline processes to ensure the positive, transforming potential of technology in pioneering power that matters.


Leading Insurer

This leading insurer needed to lower the cost of managing annuities and introduce digital services to customers.


American Airlines and DXC: Mainstreaming the mainframe for modernization

American Airlines aims to transform the way IT is delivered and ensure the systems are reliable with the help of DXC.

Get set to modernize your IT environment

How to simplify and optimize your infrastructure and apps to prepare for mainframe modernization.

IT modernization: Modernize applications and data

Moving apps to the cloud has revitalized interest in IT modernization, and organizations are looking to apply new tools, approaches and knowledge into their portfolio initiatives.

Five essential factors for successful mainframe modernization

The benefits of greater agility, lower costs and faster time to market make it imperative to modernize IT environments. IT leaders who still run mainframes can follow these five steps to modernize these platforms in order to stay competitive.

Partners and key collaborators


Modernize, accelerate migrations and create cloud value with DXC and AWS.

Google Cloud

Harness the combined power of Google Cloud and DXC expertise in managing mission-critical workloads and transformations. 


Get integrated application solutions across the digital enterprise with DXC and Micro Focus.


Modernize for tangible cloud, workplace and application business results with DXC and Microsoft.


Simplify cloud complexity with the Dynatrace software intelligence platform's advanced observability, AI and complete automation.