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DXC Signal Private LTE and 5G

Unleash a network strategy to strengthen operations and accelerate growth

John Fremont explains how DXC and Nokia transform the way people and machines work together, and create safer, more productive and more sustainable processes.

The time is now. Don't get left behind.

DXC Technology and Nokia will show you the low-risk changes that will transform your network strategy, unleash the business transformation you’ve been looking for and make a big impact on your bottom line.​

We are relentlessly focused on rapidly delivering business outcomes in mission-critical IT infrastructure. Bring us your toughest network challenge – be it coverage, latency or numbers of connections – and we will show you the difference DXC Signal Private LTE and 5G can make to your business.

>$3M per site
TCO savings per site over 3 years
reduction in access points
increase of coverage area for a given cost
extra walls of penetration

Discover what a winning network strategy looks like in your industry

Energy and Utilities

Meet critical demands more efficiently and push automation to the edge. Usher in your digital operations and build the right application and device ecosystem.

Oil and Gas

Drive profitability through safety and operational resilience. Establish the data pipelines that usher in your new digital business models.


Reduce downtime, and increase productivity and safety with IT/ OT integration that gives you the visibility and control to execute on your growth strategy.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Reduce idle time of equipment and workers with embedded analytics and applied intelligence. Reduce risks and react faster to unlock your competitive edge.


Increase safety, security and sustainability with industrial connectivity. Avoid unplanned shutdowns, workplace injuries and environmental incidents.


Improve speed to market without sacrificing security and flexibility in your manufacturing and supply chain operations. Accelerate legacy asset digitalization and unlock your software-defined business.

Bring us your network challenge. Schedule an onsite demo.

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