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DXC Leading Edge

Challenging conventional assumptions with future-focused thinking to help leaders accelerate their ever-expanding digital mandate

To succeed, organizations must anticipate, plan for and navigate change. DXC Leading Edge helps customers do just that, addressing the key business and technology challenges their leaders face. Leveraging a team of experienced practitioners, we create progressive thought leadership backed by primary research, immersive events and practical interventions focused on business transformation needs.

DXC Leading Edge was formerly the Leading Edge Forum (LEF).

Platform culture: Mastering the art of information flow

Platforms are capable of supercharging delivery efforts across organizations, when they are reimagined and operated as change agents. Find out how to do it.

Driving better insights for ESG decision makers

Every leader in business must become an environmental, social and governance (ESG) decision maker. Being successful at delivering improved ESG outcomes for business and society requires moving beyond traditional ESG reporting, which fails to give the targeted, dynamic picture that business leaders need.

What's new from DXC Leading Edge

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Research Agenda

Thriving in the Accelerated Now

The world is more digitally connected and faster than ever. Business and technology are more closely aligned than ever. To stay ahead, organizations must adapt, adopt and innovate for business agility and growth. Five factors of accelerated change guide leaders to match the right technologies with the right outcomes.

Executive Data Series

AI for growth

Mohammed 'Khal' Khalid, global advisory director at DXC Leading Edge, moderates a new series of discussions with DXC executives. These discussions will draw upon research conducted by DXC Leading Edge into Supercharging your Data Metabolism and the executives' own experiences working with customers. In this first conversation, Khal meets with Kal Kanev, director of DXC's Global AI Practice, to discuss the importance of innovating and industrializing AI for enterprise growth.

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David Reid
Research Director, DXC Leading Edge
Mohammed (Khal) Khalid
Global Advisory Director, DXC Leading Edge
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Senior Researcher and Advisor, DXC Leading Edge
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Senior Researcher and Advisor, DXC Leading Edge
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Senior Researcher and Advisor, DXC Leading Edge
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Researcher and Advisor, DXC Leading Edge
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Senior Researcher, DXC Leading Edge