February 24, 2021

Schools around the world had to move their classrooms online in 2020 as the healthcare crisis worsened. In Bulgaria, students across the country have faced new challenges trying to adapt to remote learning and attending online classes. Many socially vulnerable families have struggled to provide the necessary equipment for their children to continue with online education. 

Aware of the gravity of the situation and staying true to DXC’s spirit and strong social responsibility values, the employees in Bulgaria decided to take action to support the local community in the best way they can – by using the power of technology.

They launched a campaign called “We Care”. More than 1100 old corporate computers were collected, refurbished, and distributed to families who needed them. DXC was also providing internet service whenever needed.

“Young children whose life journeys are just beginning need good support and education in their most critical years,” says Kamen Dobrev, DXC Bulgaria’s Global Innovation and Delivery Center (GIDC) lead. “Our team showed what action truly means. We found a way to support the local community.”

The situation remains unstable. Schools have been reopening and closing, making it hard for students and their families. The local DXC team continues to work to make things a bit easier for them and to support the youth of Bulgaria.

“We will continue to support and engage with our local communities,” Dobrev says, “showing that we are stronger together.”

Kudos to Svetlana Philpott, Georgi Dimitrov, Desislava Nedyalkova, and Ana Kovacheva who led the program, and the 100+ employees in Bulgaria who made this possible by spending their free time collecting, cleaning, repairing, and installing laptops, coordinating with families, and helping with the organization of the entire process.