September 6, 2022


Virtual reality, extended reality and the metaverse for business are the subjects of a new Tech Talks Daily podcast featuring Mike McDaniel, president of Modern Workplace at DXC Technology, and Nathalie Vancluysen, head of Extended Reality at DXC Technology. 

Nathalie Vancluysen and Mike McDaniel

“The metaverse is a shared persistent virtual environment where people can meet, work or even socialize,” Vancluysen says. “What excites me most about the metaverse, aside from that it’s very cool technology and it’s fun, is that the metaverse creates a sense of presence. If you’re in the metaverse with your colleagues, in VR even, sitting around a table, it actually feels like you’re in the same location with your colleagues. And in a hybrid world, where everyone’s working remotely, that aspect will become very important to create meaningful connections between employees.”

The metaverse will really change the way we interact, says McDaniel – and it’s happening fast. “It’s a cool, exciting place right now. It’s getting a lot more traction sooner than I thought it would be.”

You can listen to the podcast interview, hosted by tech columnist, tech blogger, and podcast host and producer Neil C. Hughes, herehere, here and on all major platforms.

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