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United Airlines is a global airline responsible for delivering customers around the globe.

Rodney Townsend, former managing director of Digital Channels and Personalization at United Airlines, shares how DXC and AWS helped shorten time to market by one-third and increase innovation.


According to Townsend, "In order to get our customers the data they need, the information they need, the only  way to do that today is through our partnership with DXC and AWS."


At United, inclusion propels innovation, Townsend says. "DXC has been a great partner to scale our delivery and help us architect our solutions and drive into a better environment for our business and our customers. DXC allows us to drive that innovation, drive that partnership, and drive the understanding within AWS and bring the expertise that we didn’t have in house."


"Our partnership with DXC has allowed us to deliver our product in a third of the time we originally slotted for," Townsend adds. "We had an 18-month project and we’ve delivered that in six months. It’s been an incredible experience — DXC has been with us the entire way providing the resources we needed for the expertise we need."


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