Siam Cement Group (SCG) strives for better lives today and an even better world for future generations. SCG aims to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals through conducting business with an ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) approach, in line with its promised “Passion for Better”.

Since its founding, SCG has continually grown and diversified into three core businesses today: the Cement-Building Materials Business, Packaging Business (SCGP) and Chemicals Business (SCGC).

As a leading business conglomerate in the ASEAN region, SCG is committed to conducting business in line with good corporate governance and sustainable development principles. The group’s longstanding tradition of learning, adjustment and development in all areas has enabled its survival in the wave of crises and challenges, earning widespread recognition as a role model for other businesses, both locally and internationally.

Partnering for innovation

DXC Technology has been a trusted partner of SCG for over ten years. Throughout this partnership, DXC and SCG have collaborated to accelerate the company’s digital transformation journey with a specific focus on infrastructure and outsourcing services, including application implementation and support.

Recent successes have seen the upgrade and migration to a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for the Cement-Building Materials Business unit – focused on cement and concrete product manufacturing and distribution in regional countries outside Thailand. Since its implementation, SCG has experienced faster deployment to the cloud with minimal user disruption, supported by the ability to scale ERP systems to meet changes in their customer demand and data volumes.

Business challenge

To drive further innovation, improve customer experience, and achieve its ambitious net-zero emissions goal by 2050, SCG aims to enhance digital solutions and cloud automation.

The company’s diverse operations demand comprehensive services, including private and public cloud management, data center facilities management, network management, security services, and productivity tools.

Having demonstrated its commitment to innovation, efficiency, and delivering ongoing value to SCG’s operations, DXC is well-positioned to address the company’s evolving technology requirements. This includes continuing support for the company’s digital transformation journey while aligning with its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Yuttana Jiamtragan, Vice President, Corporate Administration of SCG said, “Integrating new digital technology into our IT infrastructure such as automation and cloud technologies, as well as artificial intelligence will help SCG to be more agile and resilient. The development of innovations and solutions will also provide seamless customer experiences with stringent standards at a time where agility and data security are priorities. It will improve energy efficiency and reduce resource consumption, with the overall aim of attaining our net zero emissions target by 2050. I am certain that this will be a successful partnership, as always."


Previous successes in supporting SCG on its transformation journey have included strengthening the company’s IT infrastructure and application landscape, upgrading its ERP to SAP in the cloud, and enhancing security and network monitoring.

SCG’s further transformation will be strengthened with the delivery of additional IT infrastructure and solutions including cloud, applications, information technology outsourcing, security and modern workplace – all aimed at enhancing customer experiences, setting ESG standards, and ensuring business continuity.

According to Apichart Arunkunarax, Managing Director at DXC Technology Thailand, “We have worked closely with SCG to understand their operational requirements and applied our deep industry knowledge to design a technology roadmap that will improve SCG’s overall performance, enable them to better respond to their customer’s needs and achieve greater carbon efficiencies.”

DXC will leverage its worldwide resources to ensure up-to-date technology, enabling SCG to save money, and improve efficiency. DXC’s comprehensive strategy will comprise an array of solutions and services. DXC will also introduce additional digital technologies, such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise SCG’s existing environment.

Results and benefits

The collaboration between DXC and SCG exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in driving digital innovation, addressing complex IT needs, and delivering tangible results. Cutting-edge IT infrastructure and solutions will enable SCG to enhance customer experience, embrace agile technologies, and accelerate its progress toward net-zero emissions.

By leveraging DXC’s expertise, SCG will achieve a more efficient, secure, and scalable IT infrastructure with improved system performance, reduced operational costs, and better data protection. Enhanced digital solutions and cloud automation will transform services and security levels across SCG’s core business units, helping to achieve its goals.

“The extension of this strategic partnership with DXC will support SCG’s business units, including the Cement Building Materials Business, Packaging Business (SCGP) and Chemicals Business (SCGC) in their digital transformation journey and create versatility in the current business climate,” said Yuttana Jiamtragan.

Yves Cramazou, Managing Director, DXC Technology ASEAN, said, “As one of our top customers in ASEAN, we’ve already supported SCG along their transformation journey and developed a long-term relationship across the whole region. I’m excited about what can be done to further support the business in its dynamic and changing environment. Each of SCG’s business units is very different, and DXC can support their needs in an agile way to ensure we grow together.”

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