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Contact center transformation begins with a flexible cloud-based solution that provides the agility and scalability needed to deliver a seamless digital customer  experience, while maximizing investments.

In today’s hyperconnected world, providing a seamless digital customer  experience is an essential ingredient for success. DXC Technology transformed its global contact centers by shifting from a legacy system to a cloud-based Amazon Connect solution and is helping other companies deliver a better customer experience across the globe.

Improving customer loyalty

Positive experiences create and maintain loyalty among customers, and one of the key touch points lies within the contact center. But the accelerated pace of change and COVID-19 have raised the bar and increased the need for a more responsive contact center experience. To help companies meet these challenges, DXC decided to create more agile and scalable contact centers that deliver better customer experiences while also reducing costs. The solution would not only be deployed across DXC internally but could also be leveraged by DXC customers.

DXC’s legacy on-premises system was expensive to maintain, and making changes such as adding new agents was time-consuming. Among many limitations, DXC’s on-premises contact center solution was difficult to scale. Adding capacity meant having to buy licenses and obtain additional telecom circuits. The  proprietary legacy environment also made it difficult to integrate with DXC’s customers’ systems and third-party systems. This was preventing DXC contact centers from advancing to the next level of automation and innovation.

To improve flexibility and responsiveness to ongoing market changes, DXC also wanted to move from fixed pricing to a pay-as-you-go model. Modernizing to an omnichannel cloud-based contact center was the answer, and Amazon Connect proved to be the ideal solution.

Amazon Connect is a modern solution built to delight customers in the digital age. When needed a better contact center solution to support its  sprawling online retail operations, the company-built Amazon Connect and turned it into an offering available to all enterprises.

The easy-to-use contact center solution allows companies to deliver dynamic personalized experiences that enhance customer service. The solution takes advantage of the robust cloud capabilities offered by Amazon Web Services  (AWS), giving companies access to the technology needed to innovate.

Moving from legacy to a modern cloud‑based solution

The move to Amazon Connect meant shifting thousands of DXC contact center staff from a legacy environment to a robust omnichannel platform. Because Amazon Connect is cloud-based, it removes the need for on-premises hardware, plus users can access it via the internet from anywhere. This capability was especially crucial when the pandemic forced most agents to work from home.

In the wake of the shift to work from anywhere and as part of DXC’s commitment to a virtual-first environment, more than 99 percent of DXC’s contact center staff are now enabled to work safely and securely from home.

Value delivered

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Richard Hunter, a BPO professional for DXC in the United Kingdom and Ireland, says, “Because Amazon Connect is all online and virtual in the cloud, contact center staff do not need a physical desk, they just need a headset plugged into a laptop. There’s less hardware required, and it can be done from anywhere.”

In addition, Hunter says the user interface is clear, intuitive, and easy to use. “That’s made the transition very easy. Minimal training is needed to start using Amazon Connect.”

"Because Amazon Connect is all online and virtual in the cloud, contact center staff do not need a physical desk, they just need a headset plugged into a laptop. There’s less hardware required, and it can be done from anywhere."

Richard Hunter A BPO professional for United Kingdom and Ireland, DXC Technology

DXC has more than 8,000 agents using Amazon Connect in 45 contact centers across the globe, making it one of the largest Amazon Connect deployments in the world. “With its innovation, the ability to integrate with existing systems, and the additional functionality it offers, Amazon Connect has become the go-to industry standard platform to use for telephony,” says Hunter.

Amazon Connect provides a better user experience for both contact center staff as well as customers and colleagues having interactions with DXC’s contact centers.

“When a customer is speaking to one of our service representatives, the sound and line quality is better than what we had before,” adds Hunter. “We’ve quickly deployed Amazon Connect to support 28 different languages to date, with more to come.”

Adding new agents, new numbers and dealing with increases in call volume can be handled seamlessly. “We can add new agents in just a couple of minutes,” Hunter says. In addition, Amazon Connect offers exceptional reporting and analytics capabilities to fine-tune business processes.

Amazon Connect gives DXC the ability to more easily integrate with modern CRM and workplace management systems. This flexibility means DXC can work with  DXC customers to choose the right partners and solutions that best fit their needs.

Creating a modern contact center experience

DXC’s focus on contact center transformation underpins the creation of modern, efficient contact center experiences that improve the overall business. With deep experience and telephony expertise combined with the adoption of Amazon Connect, DXC is at the forefront of contact center transformation.

For example, DXC is leveraging Amazon Connect to deliver contact center services for a transport authority company in Ireland to provide customer support  for the Leap Card smart card that passengers in Ireland use to travel on public transportation. DXC provides customer care for Leap Card users through the DXC  Global Service Desk based in Ireland.

“When a customer is speaking to one of our service representatives, the sound and line quality is better than what we had before. Also, different languages for different regions can be deployed very quickly.”

Richard Hunter A BPO professional for United Kingdom and Ireland, DXC Technology

In addition, DXC designed and built a customer engagement platform for an insurance company in Australia based on Amazon Connect.

DXC took the company from a legacy solution and moved it to a cutting-edge cloud platform that provides better customer and agent experience with the economic benefits of a fully consumption-based commercial model, according to the insurance company’s CTO.

The solution is providing realtime personalization of customer engagements and reduced costs with the cloud-based services and a consumption-based pricing model.

DXC continues to invest in making contact center transformation even more beneficial by tapping into powerful advanced AI and machine learning capabilities that make the customer experience even better.

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