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DXC Intelligent Boost

Solving IoT and data analytics challenges with smart Solution Accelerators

Improve operational processes to support strategic priorities

Companies need to optimize product development, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and other processes by leveraging IoT and analytics capabilities, backed up by cloud, edge, 5G networks and integration software. Business value can be achieved fast with the ability to easily buy and configure IoT cloud solutions that support end-to-end business outcomes.

DXC Intelligent Boost has been developed to meet these requirements. The next-generation, end-to-end IoT and analytics platform uses Microsoft PaaS cloud services to provide pre-built, ready-to-use and fully-managed Solution Accelerators that drive operational efficiency for industry-specific use cases. Our rapid deployment Solution Accelerators are quickly delivered and configured, providing customers with a faster, lower risk and more cost-efficient way to use the power of IoT and analytics compared to traditional solutions.

DXC Intelligent Boost helps organizations successfully manage:

DXC drives value with:

  • Microsoft Azure IoT and Advanced Analytics services in a fully integrated and managed platform
  • Smart Solution Accelerators to expedite results for customers

DXC delivers:

  • Expert industry consulting services to help our customers identify where and how to start improvements and prioritize their investments
  • A comprehensive, fully configured and managed cloud and edge platform using native Azure PaaS specifically to provide smart Solution Accelerators
  • Standard solution accelerators to lower project and transformation costs and expedite improvements for customers
  • A specialized delivery team ensuring our customers’ business outcomes are achieved within their required timeframes and with minimal disruption


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