DXC and Google Cloud in banking

Transform, migrate and manage mission-critical banking workloads in Google Cloud with DXC's purpose-built platform and end-to-end services for migration, applications and analytics.

Unlock data. Accelerate banking innovation.

Banks today are challenged with introducing innovative digital products and services to customers. Many face complex transformation projects that involve modernizing legacy systems.

Part of the challenge is knowing the best ways to tap into the power of cloud computing to deliver compelling new services while meeting stringent security and regulatory requirements. In partnership with Google Cloud, DXC

Technology offers a comprehensive portfolio of managed services built on a multitenant platform tailored to the banking industry. Our solutions give banks a solid platform to digitally transforminto an information-driven enterprise. DXC’s services reduce IT complexity and costs and ensure faster speed to market.

DXC’s banking solutions for Google Cloud reduces the cost and risk of adopting cloud. Banks can access this secure platform to improve data governance and meet regulatory requirements.

We help your bank deploy secure networks and systems focused on maintaining compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). We implement strong access control and security measures to help banks not only meet PCI-DSS regulations, but also achieve compliance with geography-specific banking, data protection and privacy regulations.

Our solutions leverage the power of Google Cloud’s Anthos, a hybrid and multicloud application modernization platform that helps enterprises build and run applications without compromising security or increasing complexity.

Banks can also improve data analytics capabilities by employing easy-to-use Google Cloud services to ingest, cleanse and analyze data, such as Dataflow, Dataproc and BigQuery. We help unlock business insights and deliver outcomes such as improved customer satisfaction and real-time analysis of transactions.

Full range of applications and infrastructure options

DXC and Google Cloud provide the foundation for all banking activities, from cards and payments services to consumer lending. By working in partnership, Google Cloud and DXC experts help you meet the many business challenges unique to the banking industry. DXC offers the option of pre-deployed banking applications, such as the market-leading Temenos core banking system, as well as DXC solutions for payments, card management and early resolution.

DXC offers a full range of service options. We can help you safely migrate to Google Cloud using the blueprints defined in our banking platform. We also offer services to monitor and manage software, infrastructure and service consumption to help you control costs and risks. Our services include:p

  • Networking and security. Through proven identity access and management capabilities, multiple layers of security, Zero Trust principles and ongoing security threat and network monitoring, you can maintain a high level of data security and demonstrate compliance..
  • Platform services. From onboarding to billing, we provide a full range of platform services driven by a robust service catalog. You can reach customers with new digital distribution channels with Google Cloud’s API management platform.
  • Runtime capabilities. Deploy containerized applications on Kubernetes, an industry-leading containerization engine, along with a service mesh environment that makes communication between service instances reliable, flexible and fast.
  • Data analytics. Ensure secure data landing zones that enable highly integrated data services and pipelines.
  • Management and monitoring. A management console lets you monitor the security and performance of your banking operations and protects personally identifiable information (PII).

DXC and Google Cloud: Partners for innovation

Banks and other financial services organizations can modernize missioncritical IT by capitalizing on DXC and Google’s strategic partnership.

DXC’s Google Practice delivers solutions that leverage Google’s industry-leading services to help banks meet their customers’ growing digital needs.

Key benefits:

  • Security and regulatory compliance. Meet privacy, security and regulatory requirements with robust PCI-DSS compliance capabilities.
  • Increased productivity. Boost operational efficiencies with our end-to-end solution.
  • Improved data insights. Identify patterns to gain deep insights for informed decision making.
  • Managed services. We focus on running the technology while you focus on growing the business.

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