Optimizing processes with IoT Innovation in the consumer packaged goods industry.

CPG challenges drive need for IoT

The consumer packaged goods industry has been impacted by dramatic changes in recent years:

  • Changing consumer purchasing behavior that favors convenience and availability over brand loyalty
  • Supply chain issues
  • Growing need to monitor and manage the impact of environmental and social factors on product development and delivery
  • Continued pressure to drive cost efficiencies and economy of scale across production and distribution

To meet these challenges, CPG companies are looking to innovate with IoT technologies, to improve their operational, distribution and production processes and to optimize and lower their variable costs.

DXC Technology and AWS are working together on IoT platforms that support automated sensors, edge computing, and advanced analytics tools for CPG organizations. Our DXC SPARK IoT for CPG solution is helping CPG companies lower variable operation costs, increase production efficiency, minimize production disruption, and improve safety and quality control processes.

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increase in forecasting accuracy
reduction in maintenance costs
increase in productivity
decrease in inventory




Discover our flexible, as-a-service solution that can be scaled globally by function, asset and factory, and aligned to your unique budget and business goals.

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