DXC Technology Identifies Five Ways the Metaverse will Transform Lives and Business in the Next Five Years

Immersive technology trends that will revolutionize how we work and live

The DXC Virtual World

LONDON, UK, December 14, 2022DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), a leading Fortune 500 global technology services company, has unveiled five ways it predicts the metaverse will impact life and business in the next 5 years.

1. Workplace collaboration will never be the same again

Around the world, the metaverse will become part of daily work for an increasing number of employees. Instead of staring at a grid of 2-dimensional faces on a videoconferencing screen, colleagues will be able to choose their seat at a virtual table, pop out of the room for a break, and even go on a virtual walk with their boss.

To maximise benefits, many firms are already combining traditional video conferencing with immersive collaboration technologies. DXC has noticed the positive impact of its own private virtual world, with increased levels of productivity, engagement, and creativity amongst its employees.

"Metaverse experiences are helping employees to concentrate better and retain more information. Virtual worlds can help us get out of our videoconferencing routine and open the door to greater collaboration and innovation", says Nathalie Vancluysen, Head of Extended Reality at DXC Technology.

2. Large scale professional events will go virtual

The metaverse is a place where thousands of avatars around the world can come together to interact, meet and engage. Controlled by people from the comfort of their chosen location, personalised 3D avatars can roam freely over an almost infinite space and teleport themselves from one place to another instantaneously. In the future, more large-scale events like conferences, expos and summits will take place in virtual worlds, enabling greater worldwide collaboration opportunities and reducing the time, resources and carbon footprint used when travelling.

3. Bands, DJs, sports clubs and dating will transition into the metaverse

More and more individuals and organizations from the music and sports industry are encouraging fans to join them from virtual seats in virtual venues, bringing the excitement of concerts and matches to the individual's home. Additionally, some dating apps like Nevermet and Flirtual are already offering services in the metaverse. In the next five years, consumers will be offered more interactive, immersive opportunities to do the things they love doing in the physical world – all via their digital avatar.

4. Brands will express themselves in new ways

Virtual customer experiences will become commonplace with brands looking for new and exciting ways to engage with their customers. Major retail brands like Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Gucci, Coke, and Nike, alongside car companies like Nissan, Toyota and Ferrari are already experimenting with virtual environments and augmented reality. In the next five years, DXC expects more and more brands to offer customers an opportunity to explore their brands, solutions and services in 3D - from hotels, to cities, to airports.

5. Recruitment and onboarding will be metamorphosed

Recruiting talent is integral to the success of any business, and reaching talent is the first step. Over the next five years, organizations will increasingly turn to the metaverse to connect with candidates in engaging, enticing ways. The metaverse can also be good for inclusivity. Hosting first-round interviews in the metaverse can help recruiters identify candidates with the right behavioural profile rather than just the ones with the right CV credentials or look.

"Individuals and businesses are opening their minds to the possibility of using the metaverse in everyday activities", sums up Nathalie Vancluysen. "Many of today's young adults have grown up socialising and gaming online, so businesses, government organizations and brands must be able to engage them with products and services which feel familiar and exciting."

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